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Petition Success!

//Petition Success!

Petition Success!

STREETLIGHTThe petition for increased security and repairs of streetlights was presented to the Secretario and the President of Bahia de Banderas at their Government offices in Valle at the end of last week.  We were requested to make a follow up phone call on Monday with the Secretario, when he  complimented us on the petition – over 500 signatures.  He promptly scheduled a meeting with us for the very next day.

We discussed the situation with him and several members of Ayuntamiento.  There is a company who have been awarded the contract for the next 25 years for the supply and repair of street lighting – for the whole of the Bahia.  They are going to start with the lights on the Boulevard – that’s Highway 200 –   But not necessarily in Bucerias.  So it will be a long time before any of our street lights are repaired.  The existing sodium vapour bulbs are relatively cheap, about 70 pesos each, but require ballast and if this fails, that’s an 800 pesos replacement cost.  The new bulbs being phased in, CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) are almost double the cost of the existing bulbs, but do not require ballast.

We  have therefore proposed that we will provide the light bulbs if they will provide the manpower.   If it is the ballast that is at fault, then we will provide a new CFL bulb and the ballast can be removed.  The repair department have a copy of our list of all the streetlights numbered by Dick Pickup and Ross Cable.  Dick and his wife Mary Carmen are going around the streets to update the list with those which are not working.

If you have recently reported your light to Dick he will have a note of that, but please help with this and report your non functioning streetlight to him at the following address: [email protected]    You need to advise him of the 3″ stencilled number on the post, and the name of the street.  We have agreed with them to start on Lazaro Cardenas and then Francisco Madero … and this is scheduled for the week starting 24 February!  Subsequent streets will include those giving access to schools as well as residential areas.

TOURIST POLICEWe have also liaised with the Riviera Nayarit Tourism Board regarding the police situation here, and in support of our petition they were in communication with the head of Public Security for Nayarit.  As I started to speak to the Secretario about this he interrupted me to say – we are promised ten more “units” – starting this Friday 21 February !  This will be a combination of security police and tourist police.

So – it’s taken a while, and some squeaky wheel persistence, but it looks like we are going to see some results.


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  1. Terry DeAmicis February 20, 2014 at 11:02 am

    Way to go, Ronnie & the Amigos!!!
    Good job! Keep up the good work!

  2. Jennifer Davies February 20, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    Ronnie, you rock! Thank you for helping so much to make our community better.

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