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Pets Picnic – the winners!

/, Spay n Neuter/Pets Picnic – the winners!

Pets Picnic – the winners!


The weather conditions were perfect for this event – it did not rain, and it was slightly overcast.  A plesant breeze started on cue at 1pm.  We were treated to an obedience display courtesy of Carlos and his team from The Dogfather (located as you approach Mezcales from Bucerias on the right hand side).  Two large German Shepherds who were perfectly behaved – to everyone’s relief!  The Dogfather board and groom dogs, instruct them and soon – they’ll be instructing the owners!

Obedience test winnerTheir judging of the obedience test resulted in Jeanne Thomson’s Andi  (a bichon) as the winner; Karen Cope’s Artie (Schnauzer) in 2nd and Margo McKenZie’s Poncho (a 57 mix) in 3rd.








The next competition, the Best Dressed, was judged by Dr Eduardo Ramirez Hernandez from PetVet & Care, located on the ocean side of the lateral in the small shopping mall near the surf shop.  He and his wife, also a vet, are very well known to our community.

Best dressed winnerThe winner was Diana Pita Hache’s Carmen (a 57 mix) in a stunning purple carnival mask and golden beads – not just for looking so beautiful, but also for her patience in keeping the mask on for so long and not fussing with it!






In 2nd place was David King’s Suzie (Schnauzer) – who took some persuasion to “keep your hat on” – but did.  And 3rd place went to Kim Cable’s Sunny.

Look alike winnerAnd Sunny took the award for Dog and Owner Look Alike competition – her jacket harmonising with Kim’s leg brace, and both sporting limps!  David King’s Suzie was a close 2nd, just beating Marcela Escalante and her Botitas, resplendent in red and black.


Carmen with the mask and Sunny with the cheeky grin, are both eagerly awaiting someone to adopt them – could it be YOU?  Please get in touch with Amigos or Kim (kimand [email protected]) or Diana ([email protected])  if you are interested.


Other vets in attendance included Los Animalitos (on the lateral at the lights opposite Famar’s) and Dr Pena Rico whose business is on Zaragoza, the road that runs up the side of downtown Comex.   Both these vets very generously donated raffle prizes, and thanks to other contributors: Sandrina’s, Lalo Morales, and Karen King.  All the vets are eager to take part in the SpaynNeuter revised program, and will do so at substantial discounts.

Thanks also to Ross Cable for being the MC, which also meant bringing his own gear (what a trouper!), and to Charlene Gould for taking the photos included here.  There are more on her facebook site:


This event was a very daring one, given all the calamities that COULD have occurred – visions of dogs fighting, upsetting tables, eating the food, wrapping people’s legs up with their leads and so on.  So many congratulations go to the SpaynNeuter team of Julie Lea, Karen King, Peggy Wuth and Kim Cable for organising everything and that it all went so smoothly.

The venue, as if you didn’t already know, was the Tercera Edad seniors facility on the Canal Road opposite the charro ring. Easy to get to, just a few blocks inland from the highway up Encino, a paved road that goes past El Eden Nursery which is larger than you might at first think, and our recycling base. It is available for hire for all sorts of functions –  you do the catering, provide your DJ, it’s a fun – and cheap place – for a party.  The grounds are delightful with many vegetables thriving, thanks to the green fingers of Director Cirino.

Hot dogs on the grillAnd here he is, showing he can turn his hand to anything – and yes, he did wash them first!

We have had a lot of positive feedback from this event, and it is definitely going to feature again during the high season.   We need funding to get the SpaynNeuter rolling again.   Even if you don’t have a dog, it’s a lot of fun to watch – Make sure you don’t miss it !

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