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Pets Picnic Winners !

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Pets Picnic Winners !

Obedience winnerNearly a hundred people came out to the delightful Tercera Edad facility yesterday afternoon to watch owners and their dogs both on their best behaviour!  And what a fun afternoon it was.  The temperature and the afternoon breeze were ideal for the event; the hot dogs and onions were cooked to perfection by Director Sr Cirino; and a team of volunteers were ready and eager to serve up all the food extras, drinks, and to sell raffle tickets – and what a lot of prizes there were!   Thank you to all volunteers, to all donors – and to the Spay n Neuter Team ladies who made this all possible: Karen King, Julie Lee, Peggy Wuth and Kim Cable.

Unfortunately the DogFather were unable to attend due to a last minute problem, but  Peggy Wuth addressed the gathering with details about her rescued greyhounds, one of whom was with her. Vet Dr Jose Gervasio Miranda Reyes from the Animalitos Clinic on the highway opposite Famar was coerced into helping with the judging … in fact the Obedience Winner was a tie and had to have a “second sitting” ! It didn’t matter if people had dogs or not – nobody was expecting the rigorous standards of a Crufts Show and all participants were warmly applauded.

And the winners were….


1. “Cubby” (Maltese Poodle) (owner: Diana Miller)

2.  “Kruiser” (Mexican rescue black with a leg at each corner) (owner: Tony Barker)

3.  “Peque” and “Chica” both Mexican Mutts (owner: Linda de Meerleer)

Best Dressed Dog:

1.  “Goyo” Labrador mix “dog shark” (owner: Olivia Palomera)

2.  “Mojo” Boston Terrier “cowboy” (owner: Brett & Perla Maddox)

3.  “Zoe”  (Chihauhua Yorkie) “Chikie” (owner: Brenda McKenzie)

Dog and Owner Look Alike:

1.  “Kruiser” (Mexican rescue) (owner: Tony Barker)

2.  “Joyita” Standard Schnauzer (owner: Bruce Morin)

3.  “Mokka”  Labrador (Owner: Andrea Gomez)

Participating dogs all received a little bag of treats and of course the top three winners all received elegantly wrapped prizes.

Will we do this again?  You can doggone bet on that!  Date to follow…

And in the meantime if you want to tell us a little about YOUR dog – how you acquired him/her, any amusing/heart stopping ancedotes – please do so!  Just click on: Contact Us

Remember: the Tercera Edad is available for hire for your party or event, venue fee helps the facility members – just get in touch.


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