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Pirates for Pupils !

//Pirates for Pupils !

Pirates for Pupils !

Capt Jack SparrowCome and have fun out on the beautiful Bay, and raise money for school supplies at the same time.

You do not have to wear pirate gear – although quite a few will do so!  The owner/publisher of the West Coast prestigious sailing magazine Latitude 38 will be there with impressive camera to hand – a good costume gives you your 5 minutes of fame in his publication!

The meeting point is the El Coral Restaurant at Pta Mita (go down the paved hill, it’s just on the right, on the beach) on Tuesday 16 December, to be there for 12 noon and no later.  You can take the bus very easily, or get together and go with a group in a taxi or taxi-van – negotiate the price first. If you want to eat breakfast or a light brunch there, please allow time for the food service.

The cost for the boat trip is 250 pesos per person, all of which is used to buy the  supplies and delivered to schools in Pta Mita and Bucerias.  You will catch a panga from the beach (pay the driver direct, about 20 pesos) out to one of the many big cats waiting for you.   For landlubbers, a CAT is a catamaran.   It is more than twice the width of an average sailboat, and has two hulls for greater stability and a smoother ride.  Yes, you do need to be fairly nimble, although there will be many willings hands to help you in, out, and on board.  Wear beach gear, remove your shoes, bring hats, sunscreen, water – and of course cameras. This is NOT a booze cruise! There will be no loud music or partying. What there WILL be is the incredible rush as the sails unfurl and flap and catch the wind, the sparkling water foaming and whooshing under your boat. With permission from the Captain – go and lie in the netting (trampoline) between the two pods and watch the water below you – as near to flying over the ocean as you can get. You might see dolphins, or whales or turtles! You might become enamoured and want to learn sailing!

This is a race but not a serious one – slow boats will start first – that’s why we have to be fairly strict regarding getting on board on time. “Time and tide waits for no man” (or woman for that matter). After 2 – 3 hours you will end up in La Cruz or Paradise Village Marina – depending upon which boat you have requested to join. There will be a party at the Vallarta Yacht Club at Paradise if you want to go there.

Catamara with sailReservations will not be taken in advance, just pay me when you arrive at the restaurant. Please email if you have questions: [email protected]

Thank you, see you there!

aarrgg! What has 8 arms and 8 legs? Answer: 8 pirates!

aargg! What is piratophobia? Answer: Fear of a sunken chest!

aarrgg – The floggings will continue until morale improves!

And remember: Once a pirate, always a pirate!




  1. Jean & Brus Westby says:

    Pirates for Pupils day on the ocean…..

    What an adventure! We began our day with a show of adorable children singing and dancing at El Coral on the Anclote of Punta de Mita. Then we had such a grand time for hours aboard a beautiful catamaran called the Capricorn Cat, captained by Wayne and his wife, Carol, with Dave the able-bodied crewman for support. Much of our day was spent lounging on deck and the “nets,” sighting many whales and dolphins, and sharing stories and snacks. We also got to help the crew out a bit and learned more about sailing. And we actually placed fourth in the race!

    Thank you Ronnie and Tony once again! If you missed this wonderful day, plan on it for next year!

    Jean & Brus Westby

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