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Property Owners Bank Trust Update

//Property Owners Bank Trust Update

Property Owners Bank Trust Update


We’ve all heard the rumours, talked about it… here’s the latest – thanks to www.Banderas News.combeach palms


La Paz, BCS, Mexico – In April of 2013, the Mexican Chamber of Deputies approved legislation which would have amended the Mexican Constitution to permit foreigners to purchase property outright in Mexico’s Restricted Zone, which is 100 kilometers from the borders of the United States, Belize and Guatemala, and 50 kilometers from the coastlines of Mexico.

Effectively this would have meant doing away with the Mexican bank trust, known as the fideicomiso. This initiative has been rejected, according to a report from Mexico’s Secretary of Government. (SEGOB)

Rejection of the proposed amendment is the result of not continuing with the amendment procedure within the time frame permitted under Article 89 Number 2, Section III of the Rules of the Chamber of Deputies.

The result is that foreigners purchasing property in the Restricted Zone must continue to obtain titles using the bank trust system, the fideicomiso, initiated in 1972.

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