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Quick Repairs

Highway light repairedThe holes on the lateral at the bottom of Rio Colorado are pretty deep and numerous, made worse by the heavy trucks that line up for tyre repairs, and then general volume of traffic.  You can see buses and trucks swaying from side to side – and last week one truck lost part of its load of cinder block.  Although they looked like they were moving slowly, the driver and his sidekick replaced all the unbroken blocks back on board. We waited to see if they would then drive off, but no – all the broken ones they then picked up and put into those holes.  Well done!    Of course the instant repair only lasted a few days, but the thought was there.

Overnight Thursday we had a really good downpour – 5.2″ in my gauge!  All the streets were of course awash, some more than others.  This is when “know where  your potholes are” comes into play.  As usual the northbound lateral down to Mega was like a raging river.  Our recycling basket on the corner of Rio Colorado went missing.  Barry had said to tie baskets to posts to stop the wind blowing them over – he didn’t mention the floods!  The tienda owner – mopping out his flooded shop –  reckoned the waters had swept the basket away.  We went on the search and found our “lost lamb” just past the Lizaola Rehabilitation Clinic!  It was battered and bruised pretty badly, but we’ve fixed it, replaced it, and tied it to the post!

At some point Friday morning a large truck didn’t quite make the turn from the southbound lateral to cross the highway to get to Estacione  – he took out the overhead traffic light.  Transito were there amazingly fast, directing the traffic in all directions, the lateral closed off.  We wanted to take a photo of the light and sign leaning at a drunken angle, but by the time we’d gone to the next set of lights and around the blocks and parked, CFE had already got it upright and were making good the electrical connections.   But here’s a photo of it anyway.

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