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Raining on our parade

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Raining on our parade

recycling in the rain - againWe begin to suspect that Ross is our very own Rain Man – not the Dustin Hoffman version, more the weather altering voodoo man, maybe it’s the pink crocs.  You will recall it poured down on us last Thursday – and the one before – but no rain this past week – untill today.

At least we got out of the yard and having followed our route inland of the lateral, were almost  at the Delegado’s office when we had to throw in the towel.  Yes, a wet and soggy one.  Last week Ross didn’t get a photo of Charlene in her wet t-shirt, so he was all prepared with his camera this morning – but to his chagrin saw we’d substituted Tony for her!   If you want to see a close up of Tony in his wet t-shirt go to Ross Cable’s Facebook page (boys will be boys) – I’m censoring it from this site!

We just had our collection collected on Tuesday – a very full 35 “jumbos” worth!

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