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Revolution Day parade photos

//Revolution Day parade photos

Revolution Day parade photos

Here’s some photos of the Revolution Day parade, 20 November

– and for those of you wondering when did it actually start … it was… 10 a.m. !

The procession came along Ave Pacifico and up the side of the plaza to the church.  At the Salon Ejidal the band of musicians played enthusiastically, tho not always tunefully or indeed at the same rhythm.  But the kids didn’t care as they were treated to lollipops and water, before setting off for another circuit.

There were quite a few Queens and princesses, starting with the girl aged about 8 perched on top of a car roof with no apparent hand hold or safety line (remember this is Mexico).   Then the gracious ladies from the Tercera Edad added a touch of dignity; and finally the younger Queen and her court.   Boys and girls from the town’s kindergartens were dressed as revolutionaries, clutching their wooden rifles.  Some rode on hobby horses, others walked inside cardboard boxes as a train.    There were some elaborate moustaches this year!


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