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Sand Sculptures Result

//Sand Sculptures Result

Sand Sculptures Result

The competition was just short of – spectacular! Lots of locals scratching their heads at us crazy extranjeros before getting involved with digging and cerveza sampling!

In 3rd place: For courage: Angelina’s Angel – which morphed into being buried literally up to her chin.

In 2nd place: For persistence & patience: The “Bucket & Spade Brigade” team who went for the ecological theme, with a mermaid whose tail was caught up in the beer 6 pack plastic holders, and yellow “prohibido” tape making the point. Inspiration for that was some last minute beach scavenging! She was the favourite of all the kids – to keep walking / jumping over! Her wonderful boobies – yellow balls – were soon part of beach games!

And in 1st place, the judges had no problem in an unanimous decision on this:

“The Another Brick in the Wall” Team: For artistic endeavour, planning & execution: a life size turtle, followed by her babies leaving the nest. Wonderful! Royce accepted the discount vouchers generously sponsored by Breakers Bar and everyone adjourned there to share in his good fortune.
A great couple of hours on the beach in ideal conditions – I’m told it’s minus 25 average up in Canada!

Thanks everyone for showing up & participating!

Sand Sculpture Winner

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