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Snakes alive in La Cruz !

//Snakes alive in La Cruz !

Snakes alive in La Cruz !

VWs at marinaAbout a hundred VWs of all shapes and sizes, including camper vans, turned up for a display held at the marina in La Cruz yesterday.  This event was not widely publicised, but obviously the  club members were in the loop!  The sprinkle of light rain was welcome by the visitors, but it had the proud owners hastily drying their gleaming bodywork.  Food and drink was available, and the rock group “Anga” played louder than the ongoing canned music.



balancing actA wooden platform was created in such a way as to be a see-saw and  cyclists of all ages and sizes rode on to see who could hold a level position for the count of ten.  And then they did it with  a gang of people clambering all over an open sided vehicle!  Possibly not very safe…





snake necklaceAnd how about this for an unusual necklace – yes, it’s a snake.  Yes, a real one.







The next VW event will be in PV on 8 & 9 November, most likely at the sports ground.


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