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Special Beach Clean Up for Earth Day!

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Special Beach Clean Up for Earth Day!

2015-04-11 10.08.25At our  April 11 beach clean up we had some extra volunteers who came along because – the softball season had ended!  Thank you for diverting your time!  Actually the beaches were not that bad, as the Municipality have been cleaning them during the Semana Santa two weeks, but –  O the Arroyo.

This is the main route to the beach from the highway where the buses and coaches discharge their visitors and is constantly littered.  During rainy season it is also the conduit of all trash swept along with the river’s flow.  One of our extra volunteers asked why there were no trash barrels, and unfortunately the answer is – they would get stolen.  Additionally, Girrsa the rubbish collection company, do not dispatch men down the arroyo, so any full bins would not be emptied.  The large pile of accumulated black sacks we saw at the beach end would be collected by special arrangement.

To ensure that all our rubbish pickup efforts are collected, we have to take the bags to designated points, and here’s a photo of one of them, the huge concrete block at the bridge.  Those black sacks were as the result of our team of eight people in the arroyo, collecting from the beach to the bridge, and it took an hour.  That’s Linda and Dan Vassey who have been stalwart beach cleaners during their snowbird time here – thank you both!

2015-04-11 10.01.29What was really heartening: two girls asked if they could help!  In talking with Sarah, the elder, she confirmed that they do have education in litter awareness at her school and at the school her younger sister Alison attends. In addition the neighbours on the street in their colonia all keep their frontages clean and tidy.

Earth Day is Wednesday 22 April and our special beach clean up to commemorate this global event will start as usual at 9 am on the beach at the Buzo sculpture, downtown main plaza.  Please bring supermarket plastic bags to fill, we will have black sacks for the rubbish and to keep the plastic separately. Cruisers in La Cruz are going out on their boats in a special Drag Race – the boat who nets the most rubbish is the winner!  Do come and join us for this special day – every little bit helps!

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