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Street lightRoss Cable and Dick Pickup, Amigos Committee on Public Safety, have mapped, painted, and numbered seven hundred thirty-two (732!!) street posts and plaza lights in Bucerias! Using maps obtained from the government and Google, the team located the names of every street in the community that had been recorded. Locating the streets themselves was the real challenge. Having received permission from CFE and the municipality, they spent six weeks painting a patch of white paint on each post and filling in with a green number. A gallon of white paint and 1 quart of green later, Dick and his wife, Mary Carmen, scouted the streets for three nights, locating those fixtures not working and finally reported those one hundred forty-one (141) to the Public Works Department who dispensed a crew the following morning at 10 o’clock to start the repairs.

Thanks to Ross, Dick, and Mary Carmen, future malfunctions, including lights that remain on all day, can be reported by simply sending the street name and post number to

[email protected]

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