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2014-10-10 13.33.47Those of you who were here during the high season complained about the state of the laterals on both sides of the highway.  Imagine then, how much more they have deteriorated over the summer months with the sun and the rain adding to the erosion of the surface, deepening the potholes and creating new ones…. and how much we full timers were unhappy! And nothing being done to repair them – other than one-armed Enrique shovelling dust into them (where DOES that all come from?) in exchange for propinas from passing motorists.

And then where Colorado (paved road) meets the northbound lateral (opposite Marilyn statue) and mainly the holes are caused by the huge trucks getting their tyres fixed, someone dumped a load of gritty sand – which might have helped soften the impact for cars but was/is a nightmare for pedestrians in open sandals with all that grit going between the toes!

On 16 September the election of a new administration for Bahia de Banderas, headed by President Jose Gomez Perez, took over, with quite a job list to fulfill. At our September meeting we had some volunteers willing to present our case for street repairs to the President, which subsequently became independent of Amigos, but unfortunately this “fell by the wayside”, so I took our begging letter out to the President at the new Valle de Banderas offices – which are totally wonderful, how great it must be to be an employee there!

The President was giving a public – and a private – audience, (they assess he has seen a thousand people in the past 2 days). He is very high profile/ accessible, he is in all the local newspapers – and we are seeing promises being achieved. Roads are being repaired all around from the Government seat of Valle through San Jose, el Porvenir, San Vicente to Mezcales. So how about our roads?!

We sat and enjoyed a delightful cup of tea and he agreed to get cracking on our lateral potholes ASAP, and lo and behold, today Friday 10 October, there they are, working on the northbound lateral! I asked them how long will it take and they did not know, they said it was a really big job, they did confirm their instructions were to go to the North end of the lateral and return to repair the south bound lateral too.

Good things come to those who wait… !

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