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The ALS ice bucket cometh!

//The ALS ice bucket cometh!

The ALS ice bucket cometh!

LTKAazoTa[1]The ALS ice bucket challenge is now playing tag around Bucerias and La Cruz.  Yes we do have it easier down here in the sun than those of you up in the cold!  But all the same…

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you –  or somebody – throws a bucket of ice & ice water over your head.  You nominate three others to do likewise – and that challenge must be met within 24 hours.  TICK TOCK.  You post it on your Facebook as proof – have a look at AmigosdeBucerias and see Ronnie get doused!  If you don’t meet the challenge and do it within that 24 hours, then you have to donate $100 to the ALS.org   Even if you do the challenge, people are still making donations.   The money being raised is phenomenal.  So – step up – or pay up!

Maybe we could start up the Costco Cold Room Challenge – now THAT’s cold!  It’s not even September  – but they have their Christmas stuff on display!

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