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The changing face of Bucerias

//The changing face of Bucerias

The changing face of Bucerias

Remember the Bowie song: “Ch-ch-ch Changes”? What’s happening in Mexico is enough to make anyone stutter.

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On a local scale, businesses and buildings are coming and going in Bucerias … travelling from the South here’s a summary: Stop Press: the huge wall North side of Pie In The Sky before the Decameron lights has gone! Just now ! People digging and shovelling and big trucks making the big holes even bigger. By the way: the holes in the laterals are something that has NOT changed.


The large lavanderia a block after the Decameron lights on the lateral has had all that lovely stonework replaced with a boring white wall in readiness for the new business – a Similares Pharmacy. The lavanderia is still in operation next door to its original premises – but in a tiny space with only 6 machines you can expect  delays in getting your laundry done. And have pity on the employees in such a confined area – really hot!


The empty lot on the corner of Estaciones is empty no longer. The construction methods are quite interesting – they build a wall and then either knock it down or at least knock huge holes in it. Obviously there’s a variation in the reading of the plans. One of the builders said it was going to be a branch of Santander Bank, so maybe the constant change of walls is to foil any movie type heist.


DSC02684It does mean that Famar lose – if not all then most of – their sign on the wall facing North which has been there as long as they have. And this after being overshadowed by the metal supply company on the other side.






CFE office is undergoing a pretty drastic refurbishment. In fact it’s a total remodelling. Expected to take about 6months (only?) you can pay your bills or deal with all questions at their temporary office directly across the highway. DSC02682

It’s actually the coldest place to be in town right now, so go along with a book even if you don’t want to make an enquiry !


The garden centre that was on the southbound lateral has moved to the northbound one at the approach to Los Amores.



The plaza: no changes there, but the mural is finished and adds some much needed colour to the area.

Café Espana on Lazaro Cardenas has gone and it’s now a tienda with food service.  The new Plaza Riviera next to Betos is finished with two businesses already in occupancy: CI Banco and Just Smiles dental clinic.   And the upmarket furniture store on the corner of the lateral and Ave Las Palmas has gone; part of it has been replaced with a seafood tacos indoor and outdoor dining.

And now the National news…the US Govt has issued new rules governing the transfer of money to Mexico, and apparently there are more new rules to come. There are a lot of rumours and hype – if it is likely to affect you, then please follow the excellent website: Yucalandia.com for all information.

Capital Gains Tax: Thinking of selling your property? Then get your paperwork in order ASAP. Get your RFC number through the local SAT office. What DO those letters mean? RFC = social security/tax number; SAT = the tax office. Ask your accountant or your realtor for full information. (See Bucerias Yahoo Group and thank you Michael Murphy of Bienvenidos Real Estate for bringing this to our attention).

Your CFE bill: It’s all under discussion right now in the Mexican Senate but if “they” have their way – the Govt subsidy currently applicable will be removed (not sure yet how they are going to help the poor people) – which could mean your bill will treble.   Unless of course you are one of the Solar Panel Club. Interestingly enough, when asked point blank about this, the staff at the local CFE had not heard anything and said (all) reports in the local press were incorrect. There were about 30 people in the waiting area.

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