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The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Here’s a good “warm fuzzy feeling” story to start the week…

marielena and diana swimThe BBCC held a successful summer kids camp in July, with 27 local children aged 7 – 11 participating in all sorts of activities including yoga, origami, birdwatching, art, sculpture, English… Such an interesting range of subjects had all the kids curious, delighted and clamouring for more!    The teachers were all volunteers: many thanks to the local residents and the Investours interns!

There were also swimming/lifesaving lessons, thanks to John Koruga allowing his pool to be used, (not many pool owners would be so generous!); the use of a mini bus donated by Ecology Tour Co in Bucerias: (https://www.facebook.com/GreenAdventureToursPuertoVallarta) and yet more volunteers who made sure everyone was safe.

Generally kids take to water like ducks and enjoy splashing around, but not Diana, from the Las Brisas colonia.  This 8 year old would not get in the pool, not even to dip her toe, and certainly nowhere near to splash or be splashed.  She was really frightened of the water.  But Marielena Capdevila used all her resources of friendship and patience and finally coaxed Diana  to go in with her. (No splashing allowed.) And now little Diana could see what fun she had been missing!  Look at her huge smile in this lovely photo taken by Cat Morgan.  Of course she still needs supervision, but at least she now has the confidence and the knowledge to swim and  be able to cope in the water, and of course living by the ocean, this is really important.  Her parents are thrilled.

The children obviously enjoyed themselves in all their summer classes.  In their final art class when they could choose what they wanted to do – they created Thank You cards.   Well done to everyone involved !

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