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The Parade! With Photos!

//The Parade! With Photos!

The Parade! With Photos!

2015-01-16 18.57.55If you were in town and did not join in the parade yesterday – you missed out on a lot of fun! You will recall the meeting point was the Oxxo at the lateral where Ave Las Palmas leads down to the Decameron, the invitation being to attend at 5 pm – with the expectation of departing there at 6 pm, and to wear white. The office of Lic. Xavier Cristobal Esparza Garcia handed out tons of free t-shirts to get the growing crowd as white as possible.

This year the lead vehicle was not a flatbed truck but a fishing panga, in keeping with the overall theme of Bucerias: place of divers and fishermen. Our Lady maintained a dignified composure despite the noise of the musicians who ooompad and twanged, the horses who neighed and stomped, and the jolting as the panga got into position. Two young lads gleefully volunteered to hold on to her but Mum was there, confirming she’d been safely secured to an upright post hidden under her robe.

The parade led by really good girl drummers left at 6.10 – that’s practically on time! And crossed the highway to travel the Northbound lateral, the idea being to minimize the disruption to through traffic. Good plan but … unfortunately just earlier a SUV had careered off the highway and taken out a palm tree and a light pole in the median! (We understand the occupants are ok). But at least it was white! So the highway was closed to traffic which was thus diverted onto the lateral – and of course couldn’t go anywhere due to the parade ahead of them!

About 20 horse riders had been at the Oxxo but as the parade progressed, more were waiting patiently at different side streets to join in – including our very own Escaramuzas. One of them thought they would be performing at the charro on Sunday 18 January and then someone else thought Saturday 24 January at 9 am but as that would conflict with the blessing of the fleet, both seem to be misinformation.   We are pursuing this and will let you know!

And where was our town Mayor Sr Tony in all of this, noticeably absent from the Oxxo departure point? He appeared from the Valle road Estaciones with the Virgin of Tintoc, which was put onto a sturdy wooden platform which he, Lic Xavier Cristobal and two others hoisted onto their shoulders. Job qualification includes being strong!

We’d had the “three ugly sisters” start and they clowned around for tips, plus jugglers of all sorts of items and musicians joined in along the route, at each block the numbers swelling, and all applauded by the bystanders.

As predicted, it was about an hour to get to the plaza where the procession was met by dignitaries from the church who led them inside. No, not the horse riders. The tall metal structure, the Castillo, outside the church looked like a modernistic art sculpture.

In anticipation of a good trade, the food vendors were cooking up a storm, the bars had all their bottles of alcohol dusted off and on display, and the various stall holders were hurriedly finalizing their merchandise and competitions. One of the reasons for siting el buzo at that particular point on the malecon was so that he could be seen at the end of the street from the highway – but not so right now, thanks to two huge bouncy castles in front of him!

Sr Tony said they do now have a form of programme of events, so we’ll publish that on Monday.


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