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What a Classic!

//What a Classic!

What a Classic!

kiteboard8The Bucerias Classic over  the weekend 3 – 4 May 2014 promised a spectacle of strength, high flying, and skill – and it certainly kept that promise.    It started with a giant slalom down winder from La Cruz to Bucerias – and the strong afternoon breezes propelled them along. Whatever their category – stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing or kite boarding, the participants pushed themselves to the limit – and gave a display of speed and agility that stopped spectators lounging under the shade of the palm trees  from reaching for their margaritas.  Bar keepers Maureen and Dave Leslie having just returned from another Paradise – in the Bahamas – were kept busy with the bottles of water and other drinks at party venue Casa Blanca on the beach, while an eclectic reggae group added further to the ambiance.

Details of the winners –  or if you want to sign up for tuition – can be had by contacting Pacific Paddle on Lazaro Cardenas, Bucerias or email: [email protected]

If you missed it this year – look out for it next year!



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