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What a great start to the week!

//What a great start to the week!

What a great start to the week!

DSC02902I was in contact with the President of Bahia de Banderas, Sr Jose Gomez Perez. I said I knew he was a very busy man, but could I possibly have 2 minutes of his time (mentally I was doing that little finger and thumb gesture everyone does here) as I wanted to give him a letter of thanks from Amigos and residents of Bucerias for repairing our laterals. (It also included the hope that our other streets would be paved or repaired!)

So – I was given a 9 a.m. appointment today, and as I always take a book with me to Government offices, I was not worried at the delay – but different members of his office were as they kept apologising! This was not the general audience but a private one in his office. He was absolutely charming! After the thank you letter I presented him with an Amigos membership card and car sticker, some Elements maps, and then slipped in a solicitud for help with cleaning Rio Colorado and the rubbish problem! And then striking while the iron was hot I produced another sheet of paper concerning other problems in Bucerias!   I left him – possibly reeling a little from all of this! – to digest everything and direct to the appropriate departments for action.

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