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Wish Lists !

//Wish Lists !

Wish Lists !

wishing-gravatar1October is almost here and before you know it – you’ll be back! So as you are starting to get your lightweight clothes ready, buying your Bucerias must-haves, please have a look at our charities wish lists and see what’s on them that you can slip into your suitcase and bring down. You know some things are so much cheaper North Of The Border. We’re not asking you to spend a lot or bring down a lot – but whatever you can manage – every little helps! And we thank you.

    From NOTB:
    Goggles and swim caps for kids/teenagers x 30 if possible
    Chopping boards – preferably colour coded
    Set of cooks knives

    Printer – can be second hand but needs to have current ink cartridges!
    4 ring table top gas stove
    Table tennis table (can be 2nd hand) with bats and balls
    Set of pans with lids

    BIBLIOTECA REY NAYAR (Children’s Library):
    From NOTB:
    Spanish-English bilingual books, all levels.
    Computer games; learning software, English or Spanish
    Traditional table games that do not require English to play: ie Chinese Checkers; Go Fish; Dominoes etc
    Puzzles, building toys, Lego blocks
    Craft supplies and art supplies
    Fabric supplies, clean old socks and yarn to make puppets, and any already made.
    Spanish books – all levels
    Child sized furniture; bean bags; floor pillows

    TERCERA EDAD (Seniors Facility):
    From NOTB:
    Medical supplies: assorted bandages, antiseptics, gauze, vitamins etc. Knives, cooking accessories. Serving trays. Hand towels. Embroidery supplies.
    More tables, large or small.
    Pots and pans, cutting boards, serving bowls all sizes, serving spoons.
    Plastic disposable cups and plates, paper napkins
    Garden tools: rakes, shovels, hoes.
    Cleaning supplies

    From NOTB:
    Cotton sheets for the bunk beds. (The local synthetic ones feel terrible and are very hot in the summer).
    Gently used clothes and shoes of your grandchildren.
    Swimming costumes boys and girls, all sizes.
    Easily available from any supermarket or Costco: soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent, underwear, socks.

    SALUD (Health centre) etc:
    A nurse & colleagues at Foothills Hospital in Calgary have collected surplus supplies which are ready to be brought to Bucerias for donating to the bomberos, Red Cross, local hospitals. She will arrange to get the supplies to you, all packed for travel. If you are flying on WestJet, they will allow a free bag for humanitarian efforts. If you are driving, hopefully you could find room for a bag or box of supplies.
    Also, if you are or know a medical services provider, please see what surplus supplies you can get to bring to Bucerias. We all know how much waste there is in the US and Canadian medical systems. And there is a great need here for even basic supplies.

    Please contact Sue with questions, offers of help, etc: [email protected]

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