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Yesterdays, now and tomorrows

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Yesterdays, now and tomorrows


As we get older, we become more aware of how far we have moved along in our lifespans. With less time ahead, what choices can we make about how we might focus our attention?


Some people focus a lot on their past to treasure special people and experiences, and sometimes to bemoan losses and unrealized potential. Others live in dread of any sign that their end could be near.

Happily, there are many older people, including some at very advanced ages, whose focus is mostly on tomorrow. “Tomorrow” can mean the next day’s “to do” list and calendar of activities. Or it can mean social events, travel adventures, hobby development, spiritual and fiction reading, and more that they have lined up for the next weeks, months, and even years.

Aging people often have combinations of health problems, loneliness, unresolved spiritual issues, and awareness of sudden physically disabling events and deaths among family and friends. Many seniors, as well as boomers, carry a sense of gratitude for and reconciliation with events in their past life while they invest most of their focused energy on what lies ahead. This thinking contributes to an upbeat spirit, as well as anticipation of pleasant, satisfying experiences and welcome surprises.

Whatever may be the blend of your time directions, there always is the here and now with its gift of communion with your rich past and anticipated future; your current satisfactions; and communion with your natural, social and spiritual surroundings, as well as with your own body, mind, heart and soul.

Speaking of which, at this moment we are closing out our written words in front of a sunlit, plant-surrounded water cascade gurgling its recycling water until we turn its switch to “off.” We will take with us our nurturing moments at the cascade, as well as recollections which the coursing water triggered, to our next experiences and activities. And on and on, from here and now to wherever and whenever.

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