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BRUSHola Brus,

After almost 40 years of work, I’ve recently retired, and my wife and I have moved away from the cold North to beautiful Bucerias.  Our first month here has been a learning curve, to say the least, what with having to engage workmen in halting Spanish, puzzling through shopping, trying to make sense of menus, etc.


Now that we’ve settled somewhat, I find myself getting a little antsy, wondering how I can fill up my time.  I had a high-powered sales job, in charge of a large territory and many employees.


Now I find myself wandering the beaches, sitting in restaurants, looking for something to do. I mean, how many margaritas can a fellow drink? Can you suggest anything that will help me to find something interesting to do?



Dear Antsy,

It’s not easy making such a big life transition, and I can appreciate your need to occupy yourself in a meaningful way.  You want to get on with things right away, but I would advise you to be patient, to relax and enjoy all the time and space that you’ve earned.  Then wonderful opportunities will naturally present themselves. These may include any one of a number of physical projects supporting Bucerias’ citizens, such as volunteering with children, seniors, food drives, street and beach cleanups, and recycling efforts.  You may also avail yourself of opportunities to develop the inner spirit, including practicing meditation or yoga, joining dance, music or art classes, or learning the healing arts. These can all help in synchronizing the body and mind, while providing a person with greater life perspective.

I do suggest you contact the Amigos de Bucerias (either through their website, amigosdebucerias.org, or by attending a delicious Amigos breakfast meeting on the first Saturday of each month at Ixta restaurant on Lazaro Cardenas street.) You and your wife will meet many people involved in a whole range of activities and, as is my own experience, many close friendships will develop.

Antsy, there are so many opportunities in our wonderful pueblo awaiting you. If you can allow yourself to patiently live each day one moment at a time, the right opportunities will arise. Until then, enjoy the sunsets!




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