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I spy with my little eye

///I spy with my little eye

I spy with my little eye

Hola Brus,

I read all the messages this past May on the Bucerias Yahoo Group site about the use of drones in our pueblo. It seems that opinion is equally divided between support and concern regarding their use. I admit that I do find myself leery about them. I certainly don’t want to be spied upon. Do you have any opinion on this issue?


Hola Watchful,

I think that drone technology can be both a boon and a bane for our society. However, whatever my opinion, drones are here to stay. They are already used for many purposes. Ones that I’ve heard of are used in mapping, and in detecting geophysical faults, infrastructure damage to dams, streets and buildings. Amazon and other companies are even in the process of using drones to deliver products to homes and businesses. And, of course, drones are used for spying by numerous countries, and to destroy targeted enemies by the U.S.

The problem we face with drone technology is that it is moving faster than international, national, state and city regulations can keep up with.

For instance, Mexico does have a height restriction for drones of between 400 maximum and 150 minimum feet, and has classified them by weight, and by recreational and commercial use. However as one contributor to the Yahoo Group message board pointed out, there are no restrictions regarding horizontal distance. Does this mean that a drone can legally be used for surveillance on upper apartments in high-rise buildings?

Of course, criminals pay no attention to government regulations. It is reported that drones are being used to transport drugs over borders. Parisians have still not determined who sent drones hovering above restricted landmark airspace on three separate occasions.

Watchful, I agree that we must continually be watchful. Nobody wants to feel victimized by drone technology. Our responsibility in preventing this is to continue to pay attention to how drones are being used, and to communicate our concerns with their users, either personally or through the media.



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