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My daughter’s frightened

///My daughter’s frightened

My daughter’s frightened

Hola Brus,

I’ve been planning to have my daughter’s family come for a visit for some time. I bought four round trip tickets and paid a deposit on a lovely hotel suite nearby. Now, because of all the recent violence in Puerto Vallarta, my daughter just told me that she, her husband and two children will not be coming because it is “just too dangerous.” I tried every way I could think of to convince her that Bucerias is a safe and quiet town, but she’d have none of it. She even said she’d reimburse me for any expenses that I can’t get refunded.

I’m so upset! I so looked forward to sharing all that I love about Bucerias, and especially being with my grandchildren for two whole weeks. Is there anything I can do or say that can convince them to come?


Hola Dismayed,

You aren’t the first person who has experienced cancellations because of the recent incident of violence on May 1, close to our pueblo. This is a shame. Just as tourism and home sales were picking up after several down years, we are again having to deal with the fears of our relatives and friends who opt to stay away.

In my experience, trying to convince others not to be afraid, particularly for their children, is futile. Arguments that we live in a safe pueblo, or that our area is far less violent than most cities in Canada and America, fall on deaf ears. I think this is because people fear what is foreign and unknown. The violence nearby them now is not acceptable, but familiar, and therefore seen as less threatening. This is illogical of course but, when such a powerful emotion as fear arises, logic gets thrown out the window.

Dismayed, even though you disagree with your daughter’s decision, try to accept that she is acting out of her need for her children’s safety. This leaves you two choices for the summer: either stay here or visit your daughter’s family up north. Whatever you decide to do, show your daughter through words and actions that you are safe and secure living in Bucerias. Whether or not she changes her mind about visiting you in the future, she won’t be able to deny that you are happy here.






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