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Hola Brus,

We need help. My wife and I have recently sold our home in Wisconsin, and purchased a lovely house near the beach in Bucerias. We have been planning to move here permanently by October. However, a month ago, my wife had a stroke that has paralyzed part of her body. Her doctor and I both think that she should remain here until she recovers more fully, but she is insistent that we continue with our preparations to come to Bucerias.

To make this move, we’re going to need a lot of professional help. Specifically, we’ll need to immediately find a good doctor, a physical therapist, and a contractor to make our house handicapped accessible. As all this has to happen long distance, can you advise us as to the best way to proceed?


Hola Searching,

I hope your wife is recovering well. If she feels well enough to travel here, then I’m confident that the help you’ll both need is readily available in Bucerias and the Bahia de Banderas area. I suggest you begin your search by logging on to the Amigos de Bucerias website, and clicking the word “Referrals” in the red box at the top of the page. This will open to a list of professionals, including doctors, physical therapists and contractors, who are recommended by people who have benefitted from their experience and skill.

I would also advise you to contact the people who have helped you in purchasing your house here. They may know some of the professionals on the recommended list, or have other suggestions for you. Also, they may be helpful, or know someone who would be helpful, in representing your interests and coordinating your needs.

Hopefully, your search will bring quick results and you’ll both soon be enjoying our Bucerias sunshine!


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