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Why Should I Return to Bucerias?

///Why Should I Return to Bucerias?

Why Should I Return to Bucerias?

Hola Brus,

I just have a quick question. Why would anyone want to live in Bucerias or anywhere in Mexico? My wife and I just came down for a couple of weeks to visit friends and rented a nice room with a pool, right on the beach. Last night, we were robbed again. The thief or thieves came in this time while we slept and took money, jewelry and a laptop I had just bought. Of course I reported this to the hotel manager who shrugged her shoulders and told us to go to the police. The police seemed less than interested, just putting our report in a file that I’m sure goes nowhere.

Last year, we were robbed while we were out at dinner, with pretty much the same response. I’m certain we won’t recover anything. So, help me out here, Brus –  tell me why I would ever come back here.


Hola Disenchanted,

I’m sorry that you have had these experiences. I can only say that Bucerias, like every other tourist town in the world, does have some people who will take advantage of visitors.

There are many people in our pueblo who have very little. They are generally hard working and honest. The few who are not view tourists as a rich people who won’t miss their possessions, and can simply buy more. They are, of course, mistaken that we are all rich and that certain possessions are replaceable.

Disenchanted, you didn’t mention in your letter whether your room was or wasn’t locked. It may be presumptuous of me, but I would think that, if a thief stole from you while you slept, your room was unlocked in some fashion. Theft here, is often a “crime of opportunity,” where an open door or window in a house, room or car is an invitation to light fingers. Of course, this is no reason for someone to commit a crime, but it does happen.

As for police response, I agree that they are generally slow to respond to a theft of this kind. Without sufficient manpower or forensic tools, they recognize that a thief in the night is difficult, if not impossible, to catch. It is important to report a crime, however, because it is on official record. If there are further reports of similar thefts, they may be able to successfully see and act upon a pattern of behavior.

Knowing that I can be robbed, especially if I’m not careful about protecting my possessions, doesn’t diminish my love of Bucerias, of its families and natural beauty. Every day I am greeted in the streets by strangers with “Buenos Dias,” and regularly experience small acts of kindness by our citizens.  I do know people who have had possessions recovered, and in fact it is surprising how many items left behind in a taxi or at the supermarket are handed in by honest local citizens, with no thought of reward.

I’m so sorry that you’ve had these negative experiences, Disenchanted. All I can ask is that you recognize that the good greatly outweighs the bad in our pueblo, and that many more people help each other here than take from others.

I hope you reconsider staying and can enjoy the rest of your visit.


Note: this is Brus’ last “Hola Brus” entry for a while as he is concentrating on new enterprises.  He thanks all those readers who have contributed important questions over the years.  In particular, he expresses great appreciation to Ronnie Barker, the President of the Amigos de Bucerias and editor of this website, for her continual support.




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