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You don’t belong here!

///You don’t belong here!

You don’t belong here!

Hola Brus,

Why do some people even come to Mexico? I ask this because a couple living in a house across the street for the past three years do nothing but complain about living here. I honestly wish I could ignore them but I can’t avoid seeing them everyday.

Here is a sample of some of the things they openly say: “It’s always too #@ hot here,” “When are they ever going to fix this street?” “All he (a Mexican contractor) wants is our money.” Both husband and wife openly disparage the Mexican people, Mexican food, traffic, laws, music, you name it. They told me one day they don’t understand why anyone would want to learn Spanish when they’ve always gotten along perfectly well with the “language we were born with.” So, if they are so miserable with everyone and everything in our town, why are they here?


Dear Aggravated,

It sounds as though you are rankled by some personal exchanges with this couple over these issues, and probably now realize that trying to convince them to change their attitude has fallen on deaf ears.

It is only conjecture on my part, but it just may be that this couple has been and would be just as miserable anywhere they find themselves. Like all of us, they can certainly change for the better, but confronting them about their opinions will probably cause them to dig in further with negative reactions.

Aggravated, I see this as a good opportunity for you to teach this couple by example your own inspiration in living in Bucerias. Recalling the interesting daily exchanges you have with both Mexican nationals and foreigners, try to be cheerful when you encounter this couple, even if they say something negative. Over time, it may happen that this couple will recognize the difference between your positive attitude and their own. They may even express curiosity as to why you’re so enthusiastic. If so, this will provide an opening for you to share your love of our pueblo and its people, without falling into argument or confrontation. Who knows? In this type of exchange, you might even find that your neighbors do have some positive qualities.

However, if your neighbors don’t seem to notice or care about your good example, so be it; don’t let their negativity undermine your own enjoyment of each day here. Stay positive and you’ll see your aggravation melting away!




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