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Chicken Tostadas

////Chicken Tostadas

Chicken Tostadas

chicken tostadasThis recipe was the cooking demonstration at the Tercera Edad for February.

To make 12 tostadas (serving 4 people)


12 Crispy Tostadas
3 cups cooked shredded chicken
salt and freshly ground black pepper
Refried beans, warm, recipe follows
3 ounces cotija cheese  (ask for this at the Deli counter)
1/2 head iceberg lettuce and shredded thinly
1 Hass avocado, thinly sliced or guacamole
2 cups salsa (recipe follows )
Refried beans (recipe follows)
1/2 cup sour cream
1 onion , thinly sliced, marinade in salt and lime juice, 15 minutes

Refried beans:

2 tablespoons olive oil
1/4 medium Spanish onion, finely chopped
4 cloves garlic minced
1/2 pound beans (with liquid), mashed
1/4 teaspoon salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Salsa  Mexicana

2 whole ripe tomatoes or 4 whole plum tomatoes
1/4 medium onion
1 to 4 (at your choice) jalapeno
2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander (cilantro)
1 teaspoon salt
Freshly ground black pepper



Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onion, and cook, stirring, until lightly browned, about 2 minutes.
Add the garlic and cook, until lightly browned, about 1 minute more.
Add the beans and cook, stirring frequently, until thick and amber brown in color, about 4 minutes.
Stir in the salt and season with pepper to taste.


In a small pan, put the whole tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, coriander, salt and pepper, add water to cover. Bring to the boil and simmer until the tomatoes are softened. Put all the ingredients in a blender and liquefy.

To assemble the tostadas:

Spread the beans evenly over  each tostada.

Then add in order: the chicken, the lettuce, the avocado, the salsa,  a dollop of sour cream and the onion.

Garnish with the cotija cheese.

Serve immediately.

Buen provecho!



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