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Rita’s Pico de Gallo

////Rita’s Pico de Gallo

Rita’s Pico de Gallo

pico de gallo Pico de Gallo                                                                              

This is a refreshing and interesting mix of flavours to accompany your cocktails.


1 cup  Orange juice
1 small can   Chopped Chilies
dash  Coarse Salt
1  Cucumber, cubed

1  Papaya, cubed (if papaya unavailable increase cucumber or pineapple amt.)
1   Pineapple, cubed

Method of Preparation

Mix all ingredients in bowl that can be covered tightly or in a zip lock bag.

Shake bowl or bag during refrigeration time several times.

Refrigerate over night.

Serve with toothpicks.


This recipe was given to me by a waiter in the bar at what used to be the Guadalajara Hilton Hotel. The building is still there, but the hotel has changed names several times over the years. He wrote it down on one of their cocktail napkins in Spanish.

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