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Faith in Ourselves

Faith in Ourselves

ImagineNothing seems to spread as quickly as inspirational e-mails or social media postings via family and friends. We received such an e-mail a few years ago.

The subject of the e-mail was “A dog named Faith.” Born effectively without front legs, her mother rejected her, and her first owner considered “putting her to sleep.” However, another person felt sorry for her, adopted her, vowed to teach her to walk and named her Faith. Within six months she was standing erect on her hind legs and jumping forward. Later she learned to walk like a human.

Faith received much notoriety in person and in the media. Her owner gave up his teaching job and took Faith on a world tour to preach that even without a perfect body one can have a perfect soul. She died a little more than a year ago.

This got us thinking about each of us human beings and our own personal stories of faith, perseverance and accomplishment in the face of physical, psychological, prejudicial and other limitations and bad experiences. Far from being featured in an ever-spreading e-mail or Facebook posting, we ourselves often lose sight of what we overcame and achieved, and few if any people even know or recall our story.

Such stories involve acts of faith in ourselves, by ourselves, and often by others in our lives. Today we can take some moments to reflect on our faith stories. Perhaps we will consider thanking someone who believed in and encouraged us, and sharing one or more of our faith stories with those whom we want to know us more completely and/or with those who might benefit from exposure to our stories.

Just as important, we can take a fresh look at current challenges in our life. We then can summon enough faith to meet a challenge as an opportunity for growth, personal satisfaction and giving of ourselves to others in new ways or with renewed purpose and fervor. If we face what seems like an insuperable stumbling block to faith forward, maybe it is time to seek reinforcement from someone close, a professional or a support group.

Whether we face an unwelcome or an inviting challenge, it is important to go beyond stuck patterns, discouragement, stereotypes and myths about whether we can consider and accomplish what calls out from deep wells and sparkling cascades of faith within and outside of ourselves. We can say yes. We can start today and persevere tomorrow with or without an inspirational electronic communication.

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