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Peace and Quiet in our Daily Lives

///Peace and Quiet in our Daily Lives

Peace and Quiet in our Daily Lives

QuietWhether you are working or retired, living in the city or country, a gadabout or a homebody, you likely find it difficult to find peace and quiet. In some Bucerias neighborhoods, for example, construction projects, highway traffic and/or loud music in public or private settings can present serious challenges for people wanting to chill, relax and enjoy some quiet.

Is peace and quiet an inner or outer thing? Actually, both your outer environment and inner stance contribute to what has become foreign to contemporary living. The bad news is that we are often bombarded by sounds and activities that disturb our inner quiet and tranquility. The good news is that, with some commitment and planning, we can escape unwelcome and unsettling noise and other stimulation, and put ourselves in settings that foster peace, quiet and wide-eyed wonder.

Of course nothing is wrong with sensory stimulation, workplace or social interaction, tuning in and accessing information and entertainment by various media, even running about on errands or shopping without dropping. But even though we may not always be tuned into it, our inner, deepest selves crave for an enriching quiet that leads to a precious peace.

Assuming we have experienced it enough to have a clue to how and where we might find it, how can we give it a chance to arise in the course of our daily lives? First, we can identify a place that will be conducive, and set aside enough time to truly settle in. It might be a quiet nook in our home or garden, a house of worship, a corner in a library, a public garden or park. It can also be a drive somewhere with minimal traffic and with our radio and cell phone turned off.

When traveling, many destinations offer experiences of peace and quiet. In addition to finding a group retreat, or creating one of your own, consider seeking out national parks and off-the-beaten path lodgings that beckon us to rest our weary souls and drink in natural beauty.

Even huge, bustling and noisy cities offer havens of relative quiet and tranquility. Because creating moments of peace and quiet isn’t just about location. Sometimes it’s a matter of paying attention while going about your daily activities. Whether you’re surfing the Internet, shopping in a grocery store or strolling through your neighborhood, be mindful of your surroundings, and don’t hesitate to stop and bask in a serene moment. Peace is where you find it.

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