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Photo ops beyond selfies!

///Photo ops beyond selfies!

Photo ops beyond selfies!

tips augWhatever your lifetime experience has been with personal photos, you probably can gain greater satisfaction through a broader range of photo ops and more easily share special photos with family and friends.

In the not so recent past many of us took only a few shots of ourselves in front of attractions, and maybe a handful of images in physical photo albums taken during travel and celebrations. These originally memorable photos probably are mostly forgotten in a box in a closet.

These days many people use their smart phones to spontaneously take selfies and share them in person by whipping out their smart phones and/or via a social networking medium like Facebook. Some are more committed to sharing travel, events and special moments and images in online albums available to but not often accessed by friends and family.

Capturing special moments can be very easy with a quality point-and-shoot camera or a smart phone at home, at events or on the road. This would include selfies, for sure, but also candid shots of people in public places and sunlit scenes in your colorful garden or in a lush, rocky or aquatic setting.

Besides the satisfaction of “permanentizing” special people, places and events as digital and/or print images, there are simple, creative, fun ways for us to access them and share them with people who might also enjoy them. If any of the following appeals but is unfamiliar to you, check it out and, if needed, identify and enlist someone to help you get started.

Online albums are easy to create and make available to people you know. Just create an account on a site like Picasa, Shutterfly or Flickr; upload photos from your computer; write captions; and either send the album to a distribution list that you put together or send an album link to such a distribution list.

Select special photos to include in a rotating screensaver album on your computer and television monitors. You can set it up to appear as background to the icons and open apps on your computer screen and/or to appear on computer and TV screens each time there is no activity for a set number of minutes on your computer or TV.

We personally have such an album with hundreds of our favorite memorable photos that randomly serve as background on our computer screen and its external screen, and that appear on and move up along all three of our screens. They often are mesmerizing in a delightful way.

Examples of verbal or silent exclamations are: “Were we really in that exciting, exotic, bustling square?” “That guide exposed us to that culture in such a personal way!” “How wonderful to see such gorgeous blossoms in our garden during the off season!” “Boy, did we ever look good in that shot!” “Seeing these special friends on the screen is a reminder to reconnect with them.” “That was the dinner of a life time.” And on and on.

Also, if you are on any social media, you can easily share special photos of any kind with people you include in your social circle.

However, if you still use email quite a bit, try attaching special photos to your communications with your correspondents.

Whether you click a physical button on a more traditional camera or touch a “button” on an iPad or smart phone, have at it and enjoy and share in your own ways some of what you capture.

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