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Your international lifestyle

///Your international lifestyle

Your international lifestyle

Those of us who enjoy part of the year (the “season”) on the Bay of Banderas, part in the U.S., Canada or elsewhere; and part traveling internationally generally thrive on this way of life. Whether we planned such a retirement or pre-retirement, or it just happened through unexpected opportunities, such a life can offer pleasant surprises.

July tipsFor example, when we lived year around in one place, we adapted to its gifts and challenges and built in some international travel adventures and fun getaways. But living in two countries and including international travel in the mix requires more preparation, adjustment and exploration. In our second country of residence, for instance, we get involved in new activities and build a second network of friends.

While some miss family, friends and associates a lot during the season, others discover that when they are in one living situation, they are completely there and don’t necessarily pine after people, places and events in the other. We have found that many extranjeros on the Bay of Banderas minimally stay in touch with friends and acquaintances until they leave for the summer. Likewise, while enjoying the summer away from here, we may be satisfied to catch up with friends here after returning for another welcome season.

Adding international travel to the mix, we can break up and add spice to both the season here and the summer elsewhere. It is not unusual for extranjeros to explore colonial and coastal Mexico during the season, and to adventure to other continents during the late spring to early autumn for new experiences in unfamiliar places and cultures. All in all, planning, transitioning and reliving such saunters can add to our joi de vivre here, there and anywhere.

Because not everyone in our lives relates to our international lifestyle, it can be very satisfying to share plans, photos and stories of unique, far flung experiences with people here who are more likely to relate to and resonate with what calls to our wander lust; lights up our ever-expanding hearts and minds; and feeds our souls that are at-the-ready for our next eye-opening international experience.

Sandy Cohen & Roger Cormier (email: [email protected]; free blog: starguide4growingolder.wordpress.com)

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