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Discounts for Amigos 2015-09-04T10:53:51-05:00

Membership Discount Benefits

The 10% discount scheme has been a long standing “perk” for being a member of Amigos. The list of participating businesses was increased a couple of years ago. Originally the idea was to benefit both participants and Amigos, but in the past couple of years there has been an incredible increase in the number of local charities – and they have all gone to businesses and asked for vouchers for raffles.  The businesses have their annual overheads, but only the winter season to cover them all year round, yet still have generously made substantial gifts.

Given their charitable donations, was it fair to ask them to give this 10% any more? At the breakfast meeting on 06 December 2014,  members were asked to raise their hands to show if they had in fact requested the 10% discount, and apart from one member who responded they had been offered the discount, nobody else raised their hand.

We then took it to a vote: there were no dissensions, a couple of abstentions, but otherwise carried by a majority to dispense with the 10% scheme. Brus & Jean Westby volunteered to advise all the businesses on the list. We will continue with membership cards to use for emergency contact details.

We wish to thank all the local businesses for participating, and to show our appreciation for their continued support for charity.