The referrals directory has been compiled by actual recommendations –   many have been previously posted on the Bucerias Yahoo Group,  some are by word of mouth.  Thank you all.   The providers included have all had positive feedback which is good to share with everyone.  If you’ve had a less than expected experience please let us know, and if we have several complaints then we will regretfully remove them from the list.

Calling a Bucerias/La Cruz/Mezcales number from a landline in Bucerias:

You do not need the prefix 329, it is only the 6 digit number, and therefore the prefix 329  has not been included. To call from a landline to a cell phone, dial 045 before the given number.

Amigos de Bucerias accepts no responsibility for the endorsements in this directory.  They are published here in all good faith.   If you find anything incorrect, the business moved without telling anyone, change of phone – you name it – then please help keep this updated and use: Contact Us



Dr Adolfo Curiel

Very knowledgeable, excellent English, sympathetic and great sense of humour.  [email protected]  cell: 322 779 7738


Dr Eric Fulfer, D.C.

Replacing Dr Dennis (& recommended by him) at the same facility in Mega.  Mondays, Weds, Fridays, 9 – 1 pm; 2 – 5 pm.. “I have great confidence in him!”  Speaks excellent English.  , email: [email protected]  Cell: 322 180 7393

Dr Oscar Margain

Inside Hospital Medicair , Mezcales, North bound lateral.  Turn in through the arch, car park at back.      Tel: (329) 296 6106 Now also upstairs on Rio Colorado next to Shala Ananda yoga. Tel: 322 223 0081


Dr Christina

Above Abejita, Southbound lateral, Mon, Weds, Fri. English spoken. Cell: 322 143 7928

Nadia Grisel Garcia Flores

Héroes De Nacozari No 122  .  “She replaced a broken crown with a new porcelain one for 3,000 pesos” (April 2013). 298 1308, Cell: 322 118 8554

Dr Laura

Estacione # 19 (street runs inland from lights at Famar).  “Affordable, bilingual, reliable, efficient.” [email protected]  Tel: 298 0152  Cell: 322 109 9860

 Selene Minjares Lopez – Centro Odontologico de La Bahia

North bound lateral going down the hill.  Excellent pricing, bi-lingual, great work.  Parking.  Tel: 298 1167.

Dr. Adrian Malja

Central Bucerias. Very good. Speaks English. On Mexico Ave, two blocks north of the church, just before Luna Lounge.  Look for the glass doors. Cleaning 550 pesos; cavity filling 500 – 800 pesos (season 2014-2015 prices). 298 1249.

Dr Leonardo Ibarra Rodriguez

“I have only had expeience with this dentist who made a new set of dentures for my husband earlier this year (2014).   They cost 12,000 pesos and fit great – he went back for re-fittings until they were perfect.  And he has a great sense of humour!”  Above the Coffee Shop on Lazaro Cardenas, just before the footbridge.  Good English. Cell: 322 120 6322


New location: Plaza Lago Real (Walmart) (June 2014). New phone number (landline) is 01 322 297 8595.

English speaking, state of the art equipment. (Root canal, new cap, USD $300, 2012; 2 root canals, posts and bridge: 21,300 pesos, Dec 2014). Root canal specialist Juan Carlos “I didn’t even feel the injections!”

Benjamin Armenta Salcido

Pto Vallarta. Av Los Tules 160, last building after Cornerstone Hospital. English speaking. (Thorough sonic cleaning & polish $400 pesos, 2012).  “We have used him several times and he is awesome.” . [email protected]  01 322 223 521


Dra. Alma Vargas

Av. Los Tules #116 – near Plaza Caracol (cinema and Soriana supermarket), “She is excellent!”  Tel: 01 322  225 3440.

Dra. Andrea

Pto Vallarta, near Costco.   Cell: 322 224 5377



Dr. J. Mauro

Central Bucerias, On Hidalgo near Mexico (just around corner from Yo Yo Mos).  General practitioner, fluent English, highly recommended.   House calls.  298 0149    EMERGENCY Cell: 322 137 1093

Dr Victor

Inside Clinica Sta Rosa, Northbound lateral between Pie in the Sky & Famar. Fluent English. 298 0157.  Cell: 322 145 4016

Dr. Essau Gutierrez

City Medica Clinic, Plaza Bien, North entrance to Nuevo Vallarta, at the flyover. Fluent English. Full clinic practice & associates. 01 322 297 2041


INTERNAL MEDICAL (diabetes, hypertension, endocrinology infections)

Dr Julieta Romero

Av Las Palmas (road to Decameron) corner of Charro. “Latest equipment, excellent personal service & quality care.”

email: [email protected] 298 6071  Cell: 322 109 3335

Dra Lily Davalos

Endocrinologist.  01322 225 3445


Dr Julio Cesar Navarro (colcospopia, ultrasound 3D)

Av Las Palmas (road to Decameron) corner of Charro. “Latest equipment, excellent personal service & quality care.”

email: [email protected]  298 0671


Dra. Alma Martinez Figueroa

OPTICA CRISTAL, Heroe de Nacozari #90, Bucerias.   “Dra Figuero is both opthalmologist and optometrist.  Very professional”.  Speaks English. On southbound lateral opposite HSBC. Tel: 298 1178.

Email: [email protected]

Mario Alberto Mora Bautista

Based in PV but currently (July 2014) still sets up in the La Cruz plaza most Fridays from 10-2.  Quality glasses at a discounted price. “He also makes HOUSE CALLS! I got a wonderful set of eyeglasses, even custom design on the lenses, and he came to my house several times to make sure the design and prescription were correct. Very nice fellow” . Cell:  322 152 1739    email [email protected]


Priceless Health Care

By the Pemex coming North on lateral after Mega. Tel: 298 5095.

“I had a very complicated ankle surgery in the Chicago area a year ago. When I got to Bucerias in the fall (2013), I was having what turned out to be cartilage problems. I went to Dr. Santiago at Priceless several times last November and December. I liked him a lot, especially the way he took a lot time to go over the x-rays with me and explain what was going on.”

Orthopedic surgeons Dr. Santiago and Dr. Roberto offer initial consultation at reduced fee of 400 pesos to current Amigos members: [email protected]

 Dr. Max Greig

“I’ve had two surgeries by him, rotor cuff and meniscus and he is excellent. He is located at CMQ Premiere Hospital on Francisco Villa, PV. He is the best of the best you won’t be disappointed! Speaks fluent English!”


Ortopedicos de La Bahia

Mezcales.  Southbound lateral after the lights, halfway down the hill. All supports, crutches, wheelchairs etc.  Mon – Fri 9 – 6pm, no siesta break.  296 6101  Cell: 322 104 2145.

Accessible Mexico

Rental: Wheelchair and motorized wheelchairs and scooters, website:

Amigos de Bucerias

Available for temporary loan, free (donation at your discretion): wheelchair; crutches; walker; elevated toilet seat.     email:  [email protected]   298 0053.


Azucena (“Azz -oo-sayna”).

Bucerias.  “Excellent therapist, I went to her after knee replacement, she was recommended by 3 doctors”.

Cell: 322 889 0732

Bucerias Bodywork & Spa

Registered massage therapist on  Calle Galeana, next to Le Bistro restaurant.  “If you are having trouble with anything she can help!  I had a sore back for 3 days before I went to her, after 1 treatment it was good.  She also does “fluffy” stuff and is able to give you a receipt to claim on your health plan.”    10% discount for Amigos members.  Linda Small: Cell: 322 194 6241

Dante Alexandro Unzaga

Physio, Kinesiology, all rehabilitation excercise programs, 15 years experience.  House calls.  Speaks good English. “Always punctual, very pleased”.  email: [email protected]  Cell: 322 118 0592


Dra Paty Villanueva.

Highly recommended, English spoken.  Works with CMQ Hospital.  email: [email protected]  01 322 223 0878 / 322 222 3775. Cell: 322 120 6546


Dr. Alejandro Rios Ramirez

“Very thorough and very personable.”  Two locations:
San Javier Hospital, Paradise Village,  Nuevo Vallarta  01 322 226 8180

San Javier Hospital,  Marina Vallarta  01 322 293 0529


Gillian Jones

Feet and hands. Cell: 322 159 5670  email: [email protected]


Pamela Thompson

Has all the answers to which doctor/specialist and more!  Can assist with appointments, organizes regular health seminars, etc. Cell: 322 120 4092; 322 107 7007  email: [email protected]


Gym Bahia Fitness

Upstairs behind the Marilyn Monroe statue, used to be Billy’s. Under new ownership, very energetic Rachel and husband Edgar.   06.00 – 10 pm.  Lots of equipment, maintained, and premises kept clean.  Curves equipment.  Classes: spinning, zumba, yoga.  The team give equipment instruction and recommended work outs. Edgar Cell: 322 133 3255, email: [email protected] or find them on facebook.

Yoga – Shala Ananda

Great Classes every day at Shala Ananda – upstairs in the yellow building (above the paint shop) across from the Marilyn statue/Gym.  “Amazing instructors, great space, wonderful classes! ” You can find them on facebook or their website

Leaders of 2nd Saturday monthly Bucerias beach clean up.


To report a hurt/neglected/abused animal:

Contact the Ecological Police for the Bahia de Banderas at 293 2192.

SPCA, Puerto Vallarta: 01322 148 5787

Two other contacts:

Fomento Agropecuario (contact Jesus Palacios) 01 322 2900550

Ecologica Municipal (contact Rafael Garcia or Salvador) 01 322 2259658 or 01 322 225 0678

Olive Ridley Turtles: 01 800 776 3372

Cat Rescue Sanctuary

Paraiso Felino AC, San Juan de Abajo

Janina Erban eml: [email protected], website:

Dog Adoption

Contact Patty at Mexpup to arrange for a dog to travel North with you. They are rescued dogs who have been cared for and certified healthy and fit for travel. Most have been adopted, some go to foster homes. A Mexpup volunteer meets you at the airport with all the papers, kennel and info needed for the animal. They pay all the fees. You are responsible for the dog until after you pass customs  at the other end where the person taking the dog meets you where you come out of the airport area where you leave. “In four years we have never had any problems whatsoever and have really enjoyed getting to know the dogs briefly in that one day”. It’s simple, legal and easy. For every dog that leaves, a space opens for another lost and abandoned one to find a safe place to heal. If you think you may be interested please contact


Petvet and Care

Bucerias.  Very popular. Dr. Eduardo and his wife, also a vet: northbound lateral; No. 69 Heroe de Nacozari (Near HSBC bank). Very good vet, also, for pet health issues. Pet grooming. [email protected]  329-298-1622  EMERGENCIES: Cell 322 132 6155.

Supports our Spay n Neuter program.

Animalitos Veterinaria

Bucerias. Dr Jose Gervasio Miranda Reyes: Heroe de Nacozari #97C: southbound lateral, at lights opposite Famar. 329-298-1647

Supports our Spay n Neuter program.

Veterinaria Terralta

Dr. Marianna Medina Arzate, Plaza Las Amores, Terralta Local #22, Bucerias.  English spoken. “Very clean, professional and caring. We just turn up and she remembers our dog’s name & history!” Pet grooming. 01 329 298 3887.  Cell: 322 112 0994.

Supports our Spay n Neuter program.

Dr. C. Tlacuilotzin Garcia Lopez

Av. Las Palmas #223, Col. Parque las Palmas, North of the airport. Speaks English.

“I have a dog who has been sickly with allergy problems here, and he is the doctor who my Puerto Vallarta vet recommended when he ran out of ideas. He has her symptoms under control and is very receptive to any and all questions I have. He is a licensed vet and can fill out the necessary papers for international travel. I highly recommend him!” Tel: 01 322 290 3640.   Cell: 322 155 8630.

Veterinarian – Avian

Dr. Eduardo Ramirez at Pet Vet & Care

Bucerias.  Very popular. Dr. Eduardo and his wife, also a vet: northbound lateral; No. 69 Heroe de Nacozari (Near HSBC bank). Very good vet, also, for pet health issues. Pet grooming. [email protected]  329-298-1622  EMERGENCIES: Cell 322 132 6155.


Office is behind Sam’s Club at Marina Vta,  in Pitillal.  01 322 134 9913.

Dog Walking

Donita Hart

Not a vet!  “Loves dogs, gives them a good walk”.  Cell: 322 107 3998  email: [email protected]



Compu Electronica: Eduardo Miranda

Excellent English. All makes of computers including Apple.  Service, repairs, rebuilds, parts. NEW LOCATION effective 12 April 2015: Puerto Vta: Berna 106-A, Col. Versalles.  Highly recommended.  landline: 01322 224 7562 [email protected]  Take the libramiento(tunnel) road (signed for Barra de Navidad) to the first set of lights, turn left onto Fco Villa.  2nd left (Merida), 2nd right – Berna.


4 Lazaro Cardenas, Bucerias (behind Sweet Things cafe).  “He speaks English but charges Mexican rates, he fixed my computer and laptop, he also does programming and can help you operate your website, very nice person as well.”

Just drop in 9 – 5 not Wednesday.  296 6435.  Cell: 322 123 9620

Misael Velasco

Will come to you. Competent, Reliable, Speaks English. Highly recommended. 298-0902 Cel: 322-158-4772

Juan Carlos Romero Trejo

He is bilingual and honest in my experience of 3 years knowing him and using his services.

Home: 298 6134.  Cell: 322 149 2413



Speaks English. Epson authorized repair. 1216, 5 de Diciembre, Puerto Vallarta. 01-322-293-6541


i-Pad: Tecnologia Portatil

Shop in Plaza Caracol, #10E,  PV: ipod, ipad and iphone repairs.   www.mundodelatecnologia

“I cracked my mini i-Pad.  They gave me a service number to call and each time I called it to check on things, they were professional, helpful and told me exactly what was happening.  Parts come from Mexico City so you may have to wait for a bit.”


Lima Electronics

Plaza Caracol – hotel zone going into PV.  “I was able to replace my camera cable/charger.  They have helpful people, Raul speaks English, and Miguel could understand my poor Spanish.”  Often have all the small parts you cannot get anywhere else for radios, etc.

Radio Shack

Same plaza.


Horizontal Marketing (Our Webmaster)

For Website Design & Online Marketing, contact Quetzally, our very own webmaster. He speaks English, and Spanish. very professional, and is always there to answer any and all your questions. Contact her by phone at +52 322 189 0122 or visit their website at


Air Conditioning

Jose Luis Temores

“Good on time Mexican guy –  some English”.  298 1977  Cell: 322 889 9161.

 Ing. Juan Carlos Solano

Very skilled in modern designs with ecological focus solar orientation, prevalent wind currents, solar hot water, gray water treatment, etc, etc.  Cell:  322 728 0725

Dishwasher/Washer/Dryer/Refrigerator/ Freezer/Oven/Microwave/TV/DVD/VHS

Samuel Lepe Zúñiga

All kitchen appliances.  Bucerias, Heroes de Nacozari, #56-A

Samuel speaks English and is an instructor at one of the technical schools. His service reps are star students, some of whom speak English. House calls are 150 pesos. “We’ve had them out for both dryer and washer repair and we’re happy with the outcome!”  “Another person said our freezer could not be repaired.  Samuel’s students attended promptly, located the problem & sourced the part swiftly.  Charming young men and very reasonably priced.” 298 6418  Cell: 322 107 5901



“Also fixed our stove.”  298 1323

Washing Machine

Alberto Alvarez

Used to work at Whirpool designing and testing washing machines. Will attend promptly, has reasonable prices and speaks fluent English.
Cell: 322 193 3637

Jose Luis Dominguez Tapia

“Came within an hour of calling him.  Very reasonable.  Has some English.”  329 296 5171  Cell: 322 107 8875

Jorge Perez

Electrician and plumber.  English speaking.  “Very knowledgeable electrician, cleans up from his work. All kitchen appliances”

Cell: 044-322-150-4067 email: [email protected]


Mezcales.  “Excellent service.”  Cell: 322 181 0111; Cell 322 173 7848


Alberto Alvarez

Also hot water heaters.  Used to work at Whirpool designing and testing washing machines. Will attend promptly, has reasonable prices, 60 days guarantee on his work, speaks fluent English.
Cell: 322 193 3637

Oven Repair


Cell: 322 101 3433

TV Repair


Canadian ex pat, has owned and operated a shop in PV for about 15 years.  He is factory authorized for several brands such as LG and Panasonic.  We have been purchasing electronics from him almost every month for 3 years. Predictable in the good way.  Whomever answers this number is bi-lingual.  01 322 225 9333

Electronica Integral

Candelaria 238, Col Barrio Sta Maria, PV (left hand side of the tunnel road).  Tel: 01 322 224 3736.  M – F 10 – 6, Sat: 10 – 3.00

Repairs to TVs, dvd players, VHS players, microwaves, various electronic parts but only for: Panasonic, Samsung, Daewood, LG, Sharp – Authorised Dealers.  No English but quick to understand the problem!


La Loma Acabados y Remodelaciones

Daniel Martinez Guillen.  “I recommend him highly, work, integrity & honesty are excellent, and he arrives on time.”  Cel: 322 133 7010

Villasenor Products Forestales

Tondoroque, North bound lateral.  “We had hand carved parota furniture and a beautiful slab coffee table – they were excellent.  Ann speaks perfect English.  All my items on time, fair price, professional job.”  Tel: 296 6115


Chris Abdale

“We can highly recommend Chris Abdale.  He is a journeyman electrician and also does General Construction and renovations. You will be happy with his work”.  Cell: 322-278-3612 :  [email protected]


Electrician/Plumber and see Category General Handyman

Alberto Alvarez

Electrical Engineer with fluent English and reasonable prices. Is very honest and guarantees his work. Cell: 322 193 3637

Jorge Ortega

Electrical, plumbing, propane and general handyman.  Perfect English.  “Punctual, finishes the work in a timely manner.”  Home: 298 2711 Cell: (Guadalajara code) 333 404 5713.

Jorge Perez

Electrician and plumber.   English speaking.  “Very knowledgeable electrician, cleans up from his work. Repairs all kitchen appliances”

Cell: 044-322-150-4067 email: [email protected]

Norberto Sanchez

Electrician & plumber. Speaks some English. Honest, reliable, excellent work & reasonable prices.  298 1461 Cel: 322 131 0497Cell correct as of August 2015

Electric Garage Doors


Office in PTL,  prompt, professional service.  Some English.  Also alarms & security. Tel: 01 322 225 3131



“He can do just about anything around the casa. Especially good painter.  Reliable.  Speaks good English.  Cell:   322 146 8243

Emilio Hernandez Cortes

Construction or tile work.  Does not speak English.  “Has worked on a couple of projects in our condo building and does professional work.”
Tel: 298 1339  Cell: 322 104 1097


Jesus (Chuy) Navarro

Cantera tile.  Speaks English. Cel: 322 117 4000.


Good worker, prompt, reasonable, knows pool tiles too.  No English.  Cell: 322 294 4962/322 189 2444

Juan Tomas

Good work, speaks English.  322 110 4260



Northbound lateral # 145 in Col. Flamingos.  David or Amanda speak a little English.  Custom granite counters, onyx tables, etc.  “You have to drive down a long dirt road to get to them but it is worth it.  Nice show room, excellent products.  Did their work on time and at a fair price.”

Tel: 298 3039/3041.  www.

General Handyman

Manuel Avalos

“I cannot recommend Manuel highly enough.  Has a whole team of men he can call upon for all aspects of construction work – welding, carpentry, concrete, bricklaying, glazing, painting  – the lot. Acknowledged our ideas, improved upon some of them, gave a reasonable estimate and – kept to the promised time frame!  Cleaned up daily and at the end.  Speaks good English.”  Cell: 322 100 9208


“Cleans up when he leaves, pretty punctual, price is reasonable.  Some English.”  Cell: 322 182 3206

Ernesto Gallardo

Paint job is meticulous;  fixes washers and dryers, stoves, toilets, furniture, gates, door locks, servicing your air conditioner or fans – you name it.  Takes pride in his work.”  Limited English. Cell: 322 101 3433  NOVEMBER 2015 NOT ANSWERING THIS NUMBER

Nicho Lopez

Speaks English. Great all round handyman. Honest, Reliable and always finishes the job. Cel: 322 229 6734

Enrique Pena

Jack of all trades, takes great pride in his work.  Prices very reasonable. Speaks fairly good English. email: [email protected]  Cell: 322 151 7049

Ricardo (was Superior Tile)

All electricals, plumbing, A/C, painting, stucco, glass & windows, sheet rock, metal work, cement. Speciality is tile and granite installation.  Trained in USA, building homes & pools.  “No job too big/too small”.

“Bath remodel, sealed & tiled a roof/cupola, 2nd year of hiring him. Works every day all day long till the job is complete”.

Totally bilingual.  Cell: 322 194 0508

Floral Nursery

El Eden

On Encino, South Bucerias, 1 block inland from Hwy 200. Some English. Very good plants selection, reasonable prices, extensive grounds! 298 0036 Strong supporter of our Recycling program – please show your appreciation!

Alfredo, Mezcales

Fluent English. 1.2 kms inland from the highway at Mezcales, right hand side – 4 acres to wander around! Cell: 322 120 9216

Glass/Windows/Mirrors/Mosquito Screens

Mosquito Screens: Jose Perez: 322 278 5929

Pool Pump Repair & Replacement

Alberto Alvarez

Electrical Mechanical Engineer with fluent English and reasonable prices. Besides Pool Pumps, he also repairs pumps for hydro pneumatic systems and water cisterns. Is very honest and WARRANTS his work. Cell: 322 193 3637

Gardener/Pool Guy

Juan Carlos Florido Aguilar.

Gardener: “He is very reliable and takes care of my house and garden when I am not in residence. I am in the house a few months each year. He has been with me for about seven years”. Home phone: 298 0885. Spanish only.

Coconuts Removal/Palm Tree Pruning

Jesus Uribe:

“We have used him twice removing coconuts from our  palms, and he does good work. He charges less than some others because he keeps the coconuts as part pay. He doesn’t speak English.”  Cell : 322 159 4884.

Pablo Trinidad

Used him for years, doesn’t speak English but easy to communicate.  Cell: 322 120 0322/174 6814



Pool guy. Fluent English. “Reliable, honest, fantastic job.” Cell: 322 173 7115 (April 2015)



“He can do just about anything around the casa. Especially good painter.  Reliable.  Speaks good English.  Cell:   322 146 8243

Luis Flores

“One of the best, highly recommend him”.  Speaks English.  Cell: 322 117 6862

Ernesto Gallardo

“Meticulous painter.” Limited English.  Cell: 322 101 3433 November 2015 not answering this number

Artistic/Mural Painting


Bilingual.  “Has done art and signs for us: fantastic artist”.  298 1660.  Cell: 322  129 1473  email: [email protected]

Tony Collantez

See his artwork ouside Winged Iguana – they have contact details: 298 6234.


[email protected]

Oscar Hyle

“Young man, 21, has and is studying art, very pleased with palm tree painted on wall.” Cell: 322 172 9774

Michael Wallace

“Prices accessible and work beautiful”.  Website:

Picture Framing

Rafel – Bucerias

Northbound lateral before Famar Restaurant.  Bilingual.  “Very good work”.

In Pitillal

Onthe left side of the street that goes past Sam’s Club at the Marina, 2 blocks before the square.  “Very good and inexpensive”.


Fco Villa, PV, before the sports ground.  “Great prices and service”  Engish spoken. 01322 223 2046

Signwriter (“Rotulista”)

Rodolfo Diaz del Valle

Cell: 322 728 4622

Sign maker

 Osvaldo Funes

Cell: 322 128 8370

Shaw Direct TV


Speaks English. Cell: 322 209 0160   [email protected]  “Very knowledgeable”

PV Sat : Nick

Nick, English first language, reasonable,reliable, shows up on time: “Honest; prices are fair”  Cell: 322 103 0340

Steve Norman

English first language.  298 0114  Cell: 322 107 0072

Solar Panels


J-Sun and team, English first language, very professional. Faro (Lighthouse) Plaza, South of Bucerias, right hand lateral commercial center.

[email protected]    296 5657

Sr. Gonzales – AquaElectric.

Faro Plaza, just south of Bucerias on Hwy. 200, bay side.

Engineering background and most professional. Speaks English well.



“Used him a lot over the years”. Speaks English.  On the Northbound lateral just before Pie In The Sky. Cel: 322 112 8987 and 322 306 2049

Angel y Israel Morales

Working from home now.  “Very happy with our blinds, they do great work & are reasonable.”  298 0209.  Cell: 322 145 3192

Julia’s Blinds

Fabrication and cleaning.  Inside Mega supermarket.  ” Evelyn is there at 4 and speaks perfect English”. 297 6333

Main Office on road into Paradise Village, just in from the Marlin Restaurant, Nvo Vta.

Sammy Castellanos Llamas

Bucerias.  Upholstery for home, auto, boats. Drapes and Curtains.  Speaks English.     ” My sectional looks incredibly elegant, the cushions in my sofa and love-seat are more comfortable than when they were new and my dining chairs are upholstered with beautiful detail work.  We are so pleased.  I highly recommend Samuel.  The re-upholstery is done with care and precision and Samuel takes great pride in his work (as he should).  He is a pleasure to work with and his estimated deliveries are on time.”

“Sammy speaks excellent English, is very professional and personable and did an amazing job of restoring our set to a condition better than original. HIGHLY recommend Sammy for any reupholstering.”

One block inland, corner of Verano and Girasol.  298 1538    Cel: 322 132 1929


Bucerias. Re-covering Cushions, or making new ones. Can do the dacron wraps, and makes both the inner manta coverings and the outer fabric coverings. You buy the fabric.  298 0162

Juan Vazquez

Vallarta.  Upholstery, curtains and repairs of equipal furniture.  “Their prices are really reasonable , the job was done and delivered early.”  Cel: 322 104 6678
[email protected]

Carlos Orendain

San Pancho.  Fluent English.   “Will come to Bucerias to give you estimate and talk about what you want done.  Recently finished some drapes for us & did a fantastic job.” Cell: 322 175 1256


Seamstress. Bucerias.  Does not speak English.  “Very good work for extremely reasonable prices.”  Cell: 322 183 6784

Sewing Machine Repair

Alfredo Sandoval

PV: Corner Chile and Columbia.  M – S 10 – 6 but appointment preferred. Many parts and machines for sale.  Cell: 322 125 8336

Taller del Amigo

Pto Vallarta: Columbia  1336, Col. 5 de diciembre
“My friend sews for a living and highly recommends this man.”
01322: 222 1652.  Cell: 322 134 9974  email:mailto:[email protected]

Pto Vallarta: (Name?) 20 Noviembre # 159.  Tel: 01 322 293 6973




Don Pedro

He speaks some English. “To fix the punctures in the inner tube of the back tire cost just 65 pesos including a new inner tube. Or else he will patch the old one for same price. He can also get parts and do a paint job on your bike”.  Cell:  322 147 4230


Paulina Stettner

Removes insects organically.  Cel: 322 779 3585


Carlos Suarez Leon. Termite & pest control. “Great service!”.  English spoken.  Cell:  322 150 5011

 FISHING/Snorkelling/Whale Watching

Marla Sport

La Cruz.  Three brothers with their own boats, each very comfortable for four. Price depends on the length of the trip. “They will give you the straight poop on what is biting and how long of a trip is required”. Google Marla sport Danny Osuma will respond

Mictlan Surf School

Pta Mita: El Anclote.  “We use & recommend Tzaui, brother Cesar, their father & a good group of guys”  7 pangas. “Knowledgeable and very professional.”  Custom tours/fishing/whalewatching/surf lessons, etc. (329) 291 5413  cell: 322 134 3383

Sea Renity, La Cruz

You can customize your tour ….. whale watching, Marietta Islands, snorkeling, sunset tours, and more. Yummy food and drinks provided. Owned by Canadian couple, Jaime and Dave,the captain grew up in the Bay Area, is bilingual and certified for charters. Very reasonable rates.   [email protected]
Dave cell: 322 116-2526      Jamie cell: 322 303 2994


The Furniture Store

Heroes de Nacozari, #126,
(South bound lateral 2 blocks north of Marilyn statue).
Bucerias Nayarit
329- 298- 6399
email: [email protected]

“The store has a good choice of furniture made by Palliser, a Canadian company, manufactured in Mexico, and other well known brands.”


Diva’s (or Gina’s)

Bucerias, Lazaro Cardenas, well established long time favorite, highly recommended, English spoken, all ladies beauty services. 298 2372

Estetica Reyna

“My sister and I had the best pedicure at this little salon. Cost was 150 pesos for one hour which included a reflexology treatment as well. It is located on ave Estaciones #12, the road going inland from lights at Santander bank. Very clean and tidy. I also had a haircut. We would highly recommend this salon”.  Cell: 322 108 8487.

Leslie Spiral Salon

English spoken.  Highly recommended, includes all ladies hair/mani/pedi services, also men’s haircuts. 296 6050.  Cell: 322 139 9095


Now offering a mobile service, comes to your home, hair, nails, etc.  English spoken. Highly recommended and much sought after.  email: [email protected] Cell:  322 188 9637.  (Updated: 19 Oct 2014).


Her and her assistant are English spoken.  Also full range of other beauty services.  Very reasonable. On Cuauhtemoc (road before YoYoMo’s) on the right, opposite the 25 pesos store.     Now with AC and wifi. Buy any 6 services and get a haircut at half price. Cell: 322 205 2619


Juan Pablo Valerio Guillen

“We highly recommend Juan Pablo Valerio.  He speaks excellent English, will come to your home to explain your coverage, collect premiums, etc., and as he is an agent, will find you the best policy at the best price. He also carries our homeowner insurance – we had to make one claim, and he was very helpful in helping us file the claim and collect.  Very dependable. ”  He is highly recommended by other satisfied clients.   email:  [email protected]         Tel: 01 322 297 2049, or cell: 322 227 4898.

Maru de la Peña

All insurance needs: health, car, condo. The health plan is put together specifically for expats.  Comes to your home, excellent English.

“She will email you and take care of everything via email. She makes it very easy. Even when we had a claim to deal with Maru handled everything for us. I recommend her services very highly.”   [email protected]        Cell:   322 306 0100

Mariners Insurance Mexico

Pto Vallarta: Fco Medina Ascencio.  Autos, homes & boats.  01 322 297 6440.


Sergio Santana Alpizar

Morelos 54.  Very good work, reasonable, and often gives free advice on the Yahoo Group.  “He is a man of character and integrity. You never need to worry about his honesty. And he has a good sense of humor !”

Tel: 298 1222; cell: 322 150 7128. Email – [email protected]



Jose de Jesus Sandoval.  Moved from opposite Famar.  Now at the ferreteria on the lateral corner opposite the church.  All keys, all locks,  “he can get you back in when you’re locked out of your house or your car…key cutting: he gets it right first time”. 24 hour emergency service. English spoken   Cell: 322 135 7011.

Cerrajero Michel

Two doors up from the corner of Estaciones and the Lateral (next to the small engine repair place).  “They rekeyed a lock for me and were (I think) quite reasonable in price. Don’t speak a lot of English, but can figure out what you need.”



Drop off inside Vallarta Plus Bus Company, northbound lateral at the Bucerias central traffic lights.


Plaza El Faro, southbound lateral, just before Mezcales.


Ranier Overseas Movers Inc

Mark Lawson
email: [email protected]   mobile: 206 310 1155 work: 1888 510 1592
Location: 7115 132nd Pl. SE, Newcastle WA 98059

“I highly recommend them. Everyone has been very satisfied with their service.”

Strom White Movers

“They do it all: pack, wrap, paperwork, and move onwards from the border to final destination. Highly recommended.”

Mexico # 376-766-4049

US # 210-7452479

Email: [email protected]

Web site:

Cardboard Boxes

Mailboxes Etc: All sizes.  Can also arrange shipping.  Northbound lateral PV, near/opposite Mega Commercial.

‘Todo de Carton’:  “has MANY different sizes of strong well-made boxes – from 23.8 x 23.8 x 35 cm up to 90 x 60 x 50 cm”. Located in Plaza Iguana (a strip of shops, towards PV, from Plaza Marina (near the airport)). Tel: 322 221 1536 or 322 209 1447

 ‘iShop’: PASEO DE LAS PALMAS Y CARR. FEDERAL 200KM 140, PLAZA COMERCIAL AMORES, LOCAL 13, FRACC. TERRALTA, C.P. 63732, BUCERIAS, BAHIA DE BANDERAS, NAYARIT. 329-298-0064 or 329-298-0164, our e-mail is: [email protected]


Opposite the Church in centro, “Kodak”.

Top of Av Las Palmas (leads to Decameron Hotel) upstairs, next door to juice bar.

Vilma’s,  outside of Immigration office, Nuevo

DIY machine photos are not acceptable for Immigration purposes 



“Lots for Tots”

Bucerias.  Bring the child but not all the stuff!  Owned by Canadians living in Bucerias.


Felix Gonzalez

Event rental equipment. 298 0457


Bucerias: On Matamoros/corner 16 Septiembre

Bright orange building “huaraches”

2 blocks inland from the pedestrian bridge over the highway.  “Rebuilt sandals and used non-skid surface.  Repaired leather jacket! Good work, reasonble prices.”  Eduardo Torrez Garcia owner, custom made huaraches, repairs & makes shoes and sandals . Cell: 322 171 6891

Bucerias: on 20 November

Inland, 1.5 blocks from highway, just up from Telmex.


Sean Mulvaney

Bucerias.   PRACTICAL SPANISH/various levels. 6 wk.course, 18 hours. Generous discount for Amigos members.  [email protected]

Jorge Soria

Bucerias.   Ongoing Spanish classes, year round. Contact the library: 298 3334

Karina Anderson

In home tutor at all levels.  [email protected]


BNC Tax and Accounting Business

Mexico Office: Amapas 124 Col. Emiliano Zapata Puerto Vallarta, Jal. 48380 Mexico Office: +52 (322) 223-5862 Skype: +01 (650) 209-6662; Cindy L. DuChateau, Enrolled Agent/Owner, Website:

“I found this business extremely easy to work with and had my tax refund two weeks after they notified me that the I.R.S; accepted my return.” Dennis



Gecko Car Rental

Bucerias. North lateral, 1 block South of the river. Speaks English. 9 – 6 or hours by arrangement. Good clean cars, rates include taxes & insurance. Discounted weekly rates. Will collect you/drop off at airport. Not as cheap as airport cars but totally reliable. Very recommended. 298 0339. [email protected]

Car Doctor

Just North of Mega.  “Did a good job.”


At Plaza El Faro, next to eSun – southbound lateral before Mezcales.


Auto Servicio Coronado

Seems to handle just about everything – including AC.  Honest, reliable, Tony speaks excellent English.  Corner Fco Villa and Bugambilia, inland side of the highway.  298 3427  Cell: 322 148 6944


On Verano.  Take Northbound lateral to Primavera =  the angled street runs behind Famar.  First right, then left, you’ll see his parking lot on your left. Cell  322 168 9988

Veronica Parts & Repairs

On Northbound lateral, just after HSBC.  Yellow building parts store with drive in to repair yard at the side.  “Excellent service”.  Does not speak English.

Gecko (Car Rental)

“They do auto mechanic, auto body and paint, dent removal, interior detail, brakes. Great work, we highly recommend them”.  298 0339   Also windshields.


“Fair priced – he charged 70 pesos to change a fuel filter, including the filter, 2012).”  Large fenced in lot with a dog so leaving a vehicle overnight is no problem.  On the same road as the Bucerias library, traveling away from town, 2 – 3 blocks on the left. Speaks English.

Taylor McFadden

24-hr. Road Service. Reasonable. English first language.Cell:322 135 5129.

Body Work Repairs & Paint


Northbound lateral near the HSBC.  “Used him for years –  highly recommend him”. NEW CELL PHONE NUMBER MARCH 2015:  322 147 1347


Tyre Plus

Northbound lateral after TerrAlta.  “Cheaper than Costco” “Great job on my brakes… it’s a Michelin store and all certified workers with a guarantee policy”.  Also: Big green building on 200 going South in Nuevo.”

Stereo Repair


Fco Villa 1419, Pto Vta.

Windscreen Repairs

Gecko Cars

Matrix car window: “Dealers charging in excess of 8,000 pesos, Gecko did it for 2,000 pesos. (2014) Not Genuine factory direct, but I can’t tell the difference”.  298 0339

Rosa Arreola

Repairs/replacement. “Quality, service & price.”  298 0861.  Cell: 322 137 8731

Senora Chips

Specialising in repairing chips to your windshield.  Cell 322 168 1044