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Agenda for 2017 Annual General Meeting

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Agenda for 2017 Annual General Meeting

Amigos de Bucerias      Annual General Meeting Agenda Feb 4th, 2017


  1. Call AGM to order
  2. Sign in sheet (print and sign name)
  3. A Quorum is announced
  4. Name a president of the AGM
  5. Name a secretary of the AGM
  6. Name two people to act as counters
  7. Designate a person responsible for taking the minutes to the Notary
  8. President of the AGM will announce candidates for each position and ask if there is anyone from the floor that wants to step up

****** If there are candidates for every position we will continue to step 9.  If not then please see plan B which is below the line and starts at step 13 *********

  1. Voting by written ballot will occur for any position that has more then one candidate
  2. Designated counters will count the votes and report to the President
  3. AGM president will announce winners and voting numbers
  4. Meeting will come to a conclusion

Plan B

  1. Motion comes forward to close the organization
  2. General membership votes to close the organization
  3. A person is named to close the organization
  4. Meeting is closed
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