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Why Charity Events are a Must…by Patricia Spencer

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Why Charity Events are a Must…by Patricia Spencer

Why support these local events, I was asked the other day?
Well, although there are many ways to spend your entertainment dollars in this area, when you support the locally organized and sponsored events, you are directly helping our Mexican communities. That’s a good thing!
People ask me all the time how they can help out, even if they are only here for a few weeks….it’s simple…..buy a ticket and attend a charity event!!!! You will have fun, meet great people like yourselves, and your dollars or pesos will help your fellow man.

Events sponsored by the volunteer groups in La Cruz, or Bucerias or Punta de Mita rely on your financial support to help individual families and projects RIGHT HERE.
Usually about half or even more of the ticket price goes directly into the many projects….from literacy to medical assistance to recycling to dental help to seniors….wherever the need is. Although I live in La Cruz I attend many events in Bucerias and vice versa…..there are no borders to help and support!!!!
You can feel good about your donation too because the event is run by volunteers. The bigger the ticket price…..the bigger your opportunity to give back to the world.


So, check this wonderful site weekly….and get your tickets and have fun!


Upcoming in La Cruz…all tickets available on the amigos site: www.amigosdelacruz.org
-Wed. Jan 11 a fun-filled Fashion Show by Gloria’s Place, Bucerias at  1:00p.m. At Oso’s Fish Market Rest. Luncheon included.
-Mon. Jan 23 at 6:00 the yearly Medical fundraiser, a VARIETY SHOW and dinner, at Octopus Garden….local artists to perform, all ages.
– Tues.  Feb 28, Mar 1, Mar 5, Mar 7 & Mar 8  COMEDY DINNER THEATRE, “Sex Please, We’re Sixty” by Michael Parker and Susan Parker. This American farce is hilariously funny, the dinner is a special menu by Chef Miguel at Langosta DIEZ Restaurante…..you won’t want to miss this community theatre production by the Amigos de la Cruz Players.
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