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November 2012: Anne True Milling

//November 2012: Anne True Milling

November 2012: Anne True Milling

Anne MillingThis month our VIP is Anne True Milling. We actually communicated with her by email at her summer residence on the New Jersey Shore. Needless to say, when it came time to post her interview we were concerned about her and Bob. Apparently they are well, surviving without electricity, water, gas. We look forward to their return to Bucerias soon.

Where did you live before Bucerias?

We lived in New York City. When we retired we decided to spend the winters in Bucerias and the summers on the New Jersey shore.

What did you do there?

I was a real estate broker in NYC and my husband Bob was an IT system designer for Met Life.

Did you think about other areas of Mexico before choosing Bucerias?

Yes. We have traveled to many areas of Mexico and thought seriously about living in several of them, but we fell in love with the beach and the people in Bucerias.

How did you come here?

By road. And we have been driving 3,000 miles every year to Bucerias for 12 years – because of our dogs. This will change soon – the dogs are going to get those little wings that two legged kids get and learn to fly.

Are you full or part time?

We are in Bucerias from the end of November to April.

Your house, which you own, is in Colonia Costa Dorada. Did you have any involvement in its construction?

Yes. We built our home from 1999 to 2001. We have built in the US and here, and our experience in Bucerias was much better – It was easier than building a home in the US! Even though at that time there was no Home Depot here, very few building supply stores, and no choice of furniture or appliances stores at all. We ended up buying almost everything – including stoves, furniture, even toilets! – in Guadalajara and having it shipped to us in Bucerias.

Do you have a partner/family/pets here?

Yes: my husband Bob, and our two four legged kids—Roxy and Pippin. They are black Standard poodles and anyone who walks the beach is a friend of theirs.

Do you have family back in America?

Yes, we have four grown sons and nine grand-children.

Were they supportive or opposed to your seasonal relocation?

Very supportive – they like to visit us here and have done so many times.

Any particularly good, bad, or funny experiences regarding your move here?

Almost too many to mention! But one that sticks in my mind is when we crossed the border with an open trailer filled with containers of many pounds of the chemicals we use to make clay and glazes for ceramics. They were covered by a tarp and on top of that was a large (about 6 feet long) wooden sculpture of fish that now hangs on our patio wall close to our pool. We were very nervous about all the chemicals. Although they we were all marked we were afraid they would think that they were to be used to make drugs, bombs or who knows!! When we went through customs they asked what was in the trailer. We told them that there were chemicals for ceramics. To our amazement and relief they were fine with that! But they could not understand what the “fish sculpture” was! They poked and prodded it for at least 45 minutes before letting us go on our way.

What are your personal interests or hobbies?

As you know, I am very involved in helping the orphanage, Manos de Amor, and the various events to raise funds for it. An average of 32 kids at a time takes a lot of money to feed and clothe and the medicines have gone up a lot in the past few years! These are just the basics before we can even consider any treats. Both Bob and I continue finding satisfaction in our ceramics studio where people can work on their own projects – we do not give regular workshops. And I have great pleasure in my jewelry making.

How good is your Spanish?

Terrible! Every year I say I must improve, but you know how it is…

Looking back, anything you wished you had known about or anything you would have changed?

I would have taken Spanish in high-school !

Anything else you would like to share with us?

We have made more good , interesting and generous friends in Bucerias over the past 12 years than in any other time in our life. We love the sense of community within the Mexican and non-Mexican people of Bucerias.

Thank you Anne True Milling !

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