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November 2013 – Bucerias Mayor: Sr C Filiberto Quintero Grano

//November 2013 – Bucerias Mayor: Sr C Filiberto Quintero Grano

November 2013 – Bucerias Mayor: Sr C Filiberto Quintero Grano

This month our VIP is the Bucerias Mayor:  Delegado Municipal: Snr C Filiberto Quintero Grano


DelegadoSr Filiberto: Thank you for taking the time to see us today, we know you are very busy.  We would like to start with a few personal questions in order to make your acquaintance.  You told us you were born in Puerto Vallarta – when did you first come to Bucerias?

That was 52 years ago.

What work did you used to do?

A farmer, in agriculture.

Are you married, with children?  In which colonia do you live?

I am not married.  I have three sons and three daughters, all adults. I live in Paraiso del Indio.

When did you first become involved in politics – and what position?

I was 22 years old and I was serving the common land or “Ejido”.  My first job was working for the eighth government of municipality (ayuntamiento).

We know that your term of office as the Delegado runs for 3 years, so when will your term expire?

In December 2014.

Are you allowed to run again immediately?

No, only once for Delegado.  But I can stand for other positions and want to.

You represent the party PRI.  What does being a Delegado involve?

I am Mayor of the necessities of the community – the obras publicas, (public works) the salud (free health clinic).  I am here to serve.

There was a census held a couple of years ago – do you have any idea what is the permanent (not tourist) population of Bucerias now?

I don’t know,  I hear about 15,000.

How many State schools are there in Bucerias?

I don’t know, I don’t have the exact data.  But we have one secondary, a lot of primary schools, and one kindergarten.

Do you know approximately how many children go to school  in total?

No.  Muchos!  We have a lot of kids.

There was a new school built up on the hill above the Arroyo but it has not been opened.  Why is this?

It doesn’t have the necessities to relocate the primary in the center (Bucerias plaza) to there.  It is at an angle that doesn’t allow you to manage the water during the rainy season.

As you know, Bucerias is a very popular tourist resort – but has a very bad problem with rubbish on the streets, the beaches, the highway – everywhere!  What has been done to improve this situation?  Are children regularly taught at school not to throw rubbish?  Are there notices in the newspapers, on the radio?  What future plans are there?

(No answer.  Upon prompting) :-

We have a program that is supported by working people. In the schools the kids are taught not to litter, they are our target because they are our future.

People do keep their own frontages clean, but much of the rubbish accumulates where there are plots of land owned but left empty.  Everybody says how bad the situation is but nobody wants to pick up rubbish in front of someone else’s property.  What can be done to improve this situation?

(No response)

We, Amigos de Bucerias, have regular trash pickups during the Winter season when we have volunteers.  Can the Municipality organise something like this – all year round?

(No response.  Question repeated.)

The Secretary of Tourism, the Municipality and others – lend us equipment to clean up.  We recruit volunteers from schools and organisations to do the projects.

Amigos would like to contribute to more tambos (rubbish bins) on both sides of the highway. Will Girrsa (rubbish collection company) help towards this cost.  Can you arrange a meeting with them this month?

I can try and get you the meeting with Girrsa.

The Colonia Dorada/Las Palmas Association has recently organized a road improvement in their neighbourhood with funds from local residents.  This was using the large stones in keeping with the area.  Are there any plans to continue this idea in other areas of Bucerias?

We give them two blocks if  they have the cement is what the President has said.  Most of the streets are almost finished.  The law has said the residents put 20% and the Government 80%.

 On the inland side of the highway the roads are gradually being paved.  What is going to happen to the roads that were started but have been left abandoned, particularly: Otono and Cleofas Salazar – and when?

These streets are in process.

The Ventanas Al Mar (toilet and shower facilities at each beach access) have been built and look good – but they are either locked up or, if open, dirty as nobody is cleaning them.  What is the situation with these?

They need to finish the bathrooms.  They are for tourism and we want to have good use for them.

Many people are concerned that Bucerias is in danger of losing its small town attractiveness due to the beach front high rise developments.  Are there any laws existing, or proposed, to restrict the height of especially these developments?  And elsewhere in Bucerias?

I don’t know what is happening with it.  However a group wants to change it to a magical community (pueblo magico).

There have been many proposals over the years to create a malecon (boardwalk) from Bucerias to La Cruz.  And also to create a landing pier – we all love the new Vallarta pier!  And to demolish the school in the plaza and replace with more tiendas, to create a new plaza with underground parking.   Are there any construction companies applying for the contract?  Do you think this will ever happen?  Will any new development in the plaza be kept to a historical appearance in keeping with the town’s atmosphere?

We need studies to finish the pier.  The malecon would probably be second stage.  First is the kissing bridge.  We cannot destroy the school and start work, even though the seventh government approved the destruction, because the new school doesn’t work.

Since the organisation Peace went bankrupt, Amigos, as you know, now  organize a plastic recycling program.  We also want to re-start a spay and neuter program for stray cats and dogs.  Can the Municipality help with this?  The vets agree to do this at reduced costs, we just don’t know how to collect the strays and take them there.

My friend could help with the animals, he could lend trucks and man power.  We would also like to target people with pets.  His name is Gonzalo Calderon and he lives in the Valle in front of the principal plaza.

During your time as Delegado what events have been held?

Oh various events, the dance-on traditional event, the patronage events, the day of the children.

What have you achieved as Delegado? 

I have achieved friendships, and the satisfaction that what I have promised such as fixing streets and bringing sports in the community I have done.  I have also achieved a union among people, helping children and mothers, and peace.

What else would you like to achieve?

Keep the health, and serve the people of my community.

How can we, residents and tourists alike, help the Municipality to make Bucerias a better place to visit, work and enjoy?

I was happy with children’s day, Amigos helped us with the pinatas.  We don’t need to waste money.  We need to talk more, not politics, not religion, I want to be transparent.

If you have a complaint against your neighbor because they are always noisy all night long (whether they are a bar or a private home); or if they make the street dirty with rubbish; or if they build without planning permission – who do you complain to?

They should come here to me, their Delegado.

It has been a pleasure talking with you – Thank you Sr Filiberto !

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