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October 2012: Barry Munro

//October 2012: Barry Munro

October 2012: Barry Munro

Barry & HarpoWe finally caught up with Barry Munro, our very busy Person of Interest for October, after he’d completed his never-ending list of “To Do’s” for the day…

Where did you used to live and what did you do there?

Seattle, Washington. I was in the hospitality business – specifically, I managed restaurants.

Did you go to other areas of Mexico before deciding upon here?

We had visited Puerto Vallarta for vacations before but not really been to any other locations.

When did you first come to Bucerias and why?

A friend who visits PV regularly recommended that we visit Bucerias for a change of scene. We were here just 6 days and we ended up buying a condo. On the flight back we looked at each other and said “Oh, my God, what did we just do?!”

How did you come here?

When we moved down here, we drove a car and a pickup truck, full of stuff.

Are you full or part time here?

We have been full time since August of 2005.

Do you rent or own your property? Is it a condo or a house?

We first bought a condo; it was just half a block from the beach. Then we realized that we only went to the beach maybe three times a year and that we wanted to look after our own garden and have the privacy of our own pool. So in 2010, we designed our new home and were here through every phase of its construction.

In which colonia do you live?

It’s not really got an official designation yet, but is included in Buenos Aires – it’s out off the Valle Road.

Do you have a partner/family/pets here?

I am here with my lovely wife, Jeanne, and our locally rescued pets, 2 dogs and 6 cats.

Do you still have family where you used to live?

Yes, most of Jeanne’s family lives in the Seattle area, and most of my family is in the Portland, Oregon, area.

Were they for or against your relocation?

Initially, some of them thought we were crazy, but things have relaxed and everyone seems OK with the move.

Have they visited you here?

Yes, some of both families, but not many.

Any particularly good, bad or funny experiences regarding your moving here?

We drove down with our original pets, 2 dogs and a cat, leaving Seattle in August. The temperature was in the 90s. We got to Portland and it became 102 and stayed at triple digits all the way till we got to Mazatlan! The fuel pump broke down outside of Guaymas, and we couldn’t find a pet friendly hotel to stay in. Finally we did, it was a late 40s construction, small, seemed clean enough – I just had to pick up the dead cockroaches before Jeanne came into the room!

What are your personal interests/hobbies?

I like cooking – and eating! Gardening. Reading. My main interest involves my concern for the environment, which is why I started the recycling program in October 2006. We are now deeply committed to the Bucerias Children’s Library (Biblioteca Rey Nayar) and very excited at the progress already made. Of course, anyone interested in helping can contact us personally, or go along to the library.

How good is your Spanish?

It’s passable, but it’s still a Work in Progress, and I am taking classes with Jorge at the BBCC.

Looking back, anything you wished you’d known, or anything you would change?

Can’t think of anything – once we bought the condo, we did our homework! But we also went with the flow, with the way of life. You have to embrace the dance of Mexican life. Things happen when they are supposed to, like karma.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Something we love about Bucerias, especially, is that we have made so many outstanding good friends here, both nationals and gringos, many more than we had in the USA.

Thank you Barry Munro!

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