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October 2013 – Javier Ramirez Magana

//October 2013 – Javier Ramirez Magana

October 2013 – Javier Ramirez Magana

Senor Javier
This month our VIP is Javier Ramirez Magana.

Javier is another success story from Investours. As with our September VIP Alejandra, Javier had applied to Investours to be one of the participants on their cultural tours. There are further details regarding the Investours organization on this site under Volunteering.
Javier has lived in Bucerias since he was a small child. Where do you live now?

On Guadalupe Victoria, one block from the Arroyo. My wife runs a clothing store named after her , Isabel, from the front of our home.

And you have children ?

Yes, two have college level educations and my youngest son is studying to become a forensic specialist in Vallarta. I was very firm with them – I told them they must have a good education, they must do well in school in order to do well in life.

As an adult what did you do for work?

I worked in construction – sometimes I still do. But now mainly I am busy with catching, preparing and selling fish and shellfish.

Where is your business located?

Well I prepare the ceviche and my delicious lobster bisque at home, but actually I sell most of the fish from the back of my truck. At lunchtime I pack a cooler with ceviche and go to an area where I know there will be workers – such as construction sites! I also go to taxi waiting areas. Some of my customers call me in advance so I know exactly what to take, and how much, or I deliver it to their homes.
My youngest son had considered opening a small restaurant here by the arroyo, but we decided sitting waiting for customers was boring! And that it was better for him to proceed with his career.

How did you learn about Investours?

Like Doña Alejandra, I met the Investours personnel through Sé Más Microfinanzas. I have been involved with Investours for two years now.

How did you want them to help you?

I wanted promotion for my business and to be able to meet new people from the international community in Bucerias.

And did that happen?

Oh yes, in the past two years of participating in these tours I have met well over a hundred people who often become long term customers.

Did this make a big increase in your profits?

I have to say not really as most of my sales are to locals and there has not been a great difference in my output. But what has changed is that I now have clients who I met on the Investours cultural tours and they return in the winter season and they know to call me and order ceviche. Sometimes the orders are very large! They have confidence in me as they know it is freshly caught and prepared, and also I deliver it to them.

So overall this has been a change for the better?

Yes, I am very happy to be able to connect and share my product with new clients. I know many people are worried about ceviche, and often it can be very tasteless or really chewy, but once they have tasted mine they come back for more! I often use tuna for my “Acapulco style” ceviche – it’s chunkier, but I also use a variety of the freshest white fish available.

You catch the fish yourself?

Yes, I go out at night with a spear gun and a flashlight, and a keep net. I made the spear gun myself – look, see how it works.

Javier showed us his version of a modern spear gun, they are very similar, but his is made of a metal stick and hand honed barb, set up to fire by using a piece of rubber collected from the street. He positioned a plastic bag on the street, made sure there were no animals or children in the way – and – fire! The bag was an immediate catch!

Do you go out fishing with a team?

No I go alone mainly. We all have our favourite places, our own set of rocks to fish from. Sometimes when I have a good catch it is a long walk over the rocks with the heavy weight of the catch, all the way back to my truck, and it’s very tiring!

Isn’t that dangerous? Supposing something happened to you?

Well – so far nothing has!

And we hope nothing will! I have tried your ceviche and it is very tasty indeed. Thank you for your time Javier.

Thank you, it will be my pleasure to serve you all.

For anyone wishing to place an order, please call Javier on (329) 298 1258. At the time of posting this, his land line was not working so please call Elly and she will liaise : Cell 322 191 5309 or email: [email protected]

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