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September 2012: Rita Kollock

//September 2012: Rita Kollock

September 2012: Rita Kollock

Rita Kollock IILongtime resident Rita Kollock has been selected our Person of Interest for September. We met in her beautiful garden in Bucerias last week. Having become acquainted a couple of years ago, I knew she was a real go-getter. Here’s the low down…

Where did you live before Bucerias?

Dallas, Texas.

What did you do there?

Oliver & I owned our own business which was computer maintenance, bidding on Government, State and County projects.

Did you think about other areas of Mexico before choosing Bucerias?

We covered quite a bit of Mexico. We actually bought property at La Chapala, that was 30 years ago, but about 25 years ago we decided we didn’t want to be landlocked any more. We toured the coastline from Manzanillo up. We thought PV was nice but too big. And look at it now! And we thought Bucerias was grubby and did not like all the beachfront waiters harassing us to go in to their bars. But then we came back here 2 years later and we said – ok, this is it.

How did you come here?

We did all our traveling by car.

Are you full or part time?

Well – Coming down is 3 consecutive nights on the road, and about 4 years ago Oliver said “that’s our last long road trip!” So yes, now we are full time.

Do you rent or own your house? And did you have any involvement in its construction?

We own our house. We sold our Texas business, home, and the Lake Chapala property too. But while we were still in Dallas, construction of our casita here started. But when we got here it was not finished so we rented until we could move in – that was 3 months later. During that time the construction of our main house was also under way, so we supervised daily – and this one they did finish on time! It was designed by a Mexican architect and we had a German general contractor.

In which colonia do you live?

Colonia Dorada.

Do you have a partner/family/pets here?

Yes, my husband, Oliver, we have been married for 51 years this past January. We have two dogs.

Do you still have family back there?

We have three wonderful sons and two very fast growing grandchildren who are all in Texas.

Were they supportive or opposed to your relocation?

The family was supportive, but our friends were not, they thought we had a screw loose!

Have they visited you here?

All of our family has visited us here, but only some of our friends.

Any particularly good, bad, or funny experiences regarding your move here?

I do recall how hot it was, and I was standing in line in the papeleria near the church, when I felt something dripping on my feet. I looked up and around: nothing. And then I realized … it was the sweat running down from my knees. I thought: “Oh my, what would my friends say if they could see me now!”

What are your personal interests or hobbies?

I got involved in the Children’s Library 12 years ago when it was 2 small airless rooms near the tianguis, and have been very heavily committed to it ever since. I gave English lessons there for several years, with additional tutoring at home to those who showed promise and a true interest. We had a good time! My friend, Dita, and I held – and still hold – regular book sales for fundraising for the dream of a real library, and for some 10 years now the annual calendars which have become collectible items. I play bridge regularly; I’m an active member of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority; and knitting and crochet ensure I never have idle hands.

How good is your Spanish?

I’d say it was “middling”. I spoke it back in Texas where I studied with a Polish WW II refugee!

Looking back, anything you wished you had known about or anything you would have changed?

Not really. We only had the old Commercial at Marina Vallarta, and Rizo’s, so the additions of Mega, WalMart, Costco and so on, have all been unexpected changes for the good, makes life a lot easier!

Anything else you would like to share with us?

We seem to have had a lot of contact with many nationalities in our lives! I’m very glad to have such a large circle of friends and our extended Mexican family coming in and out of our home all the time. And although we enjoy our visits to the States, there is far too much hustle and hassle, and I could never imagine moving back there. Bucerias is our home.

Thank you Rita Kollock!

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