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September 2014 – Kim Cable

//September 2014 – Kim Cable

September 2014 – Kim Cable

This month our VIP is Kim Cable


DSC02656Kim is a busy woman dealing with all their pet rescue animals (4 dogs and 10 cats), and is an active member of both the sorority Beta Sigma Phi as well as Amigos. So Kim – back to the beginning:

I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  My parents dug the basement and built the house when my mother was 3 months pregnant with my oldest sister (who is 8 years my senior).   It was in a part of Edmonton called “The Flats” – we faced the hill that is now called The Edmonton Ski Club. We moved to a hamlet called Jasper Place, which now is just a neighborhood of Edmonton. I can’t remember much of my childhood, a couple of things come to mind: I remember Dad flooding my Mum’s vegetable garden in the winter and skating on some really uneven ground. And how when my doll, a Christmas present, somehow suffered a broken leg that my Dad used white tape to fix her – I thought he was brilliant!

My elder sister did everything in the right order: school, university, married, and two children, but my middle sister had gotten pregnant at the age of 17 and my parents paid for the wedding. The marriage didn’t turn out really well, she ended up having 2 children with a very abusive husband.   When I was 15 she asked my parents if I could babysit her kids while she went to school for the summer – wow that was a life changer. I stayed with her that summer and met a man 3 years my senior who lived next door.

Well, I will just say things happened and I started my grade 10 year being pregnant. Wow, what to do? The father of the baby stayed by my side, we asked permission to be married but my father ordered him off the property – he had long hair – it was shoulder length. After what happened to my sister my parents didn’t want me making a bad marriage, I guess, and sent me to an unwed mothers’ home 280 kms away, hoping I would change my mind about giving the baby up for adoption.  There I got a letter from them, disowning me and they had my sisters sign this letter too. Once they realized I was going to go ahead with the pregnancy they gave me permission to wed. That was in September and I had my son, Stacy in November 1971. When my husband called them to say they had a grandson they hung up on him – but then they came and visited me after all. Our relationship continued to be awkward, in fact when my father died of a heart attack in 1974 my mother accused me of killing him because I had broken his heart. My mother died in 1981.

Fast forward a few years and in 1975 I had my second child Pamela, what a joy she was – and still is, I have never regretted my decisions! We stayed in Edmonton and my husband got a degree in piping design at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology).  Between kids I worked at Woolworth behind the lunch counter but was fired for giving too many French fries on customers’ plates – so that was just a month. I worked at the Hudson Bay company in several departments.

My first “real” job came about when I’d seen an ad in the paper, and I went to the building but didn’t find the correct office.   By coincidence the office I enquired at were looking for someone and asked me if I’d ever done accounting and I said: “No”. And they said: “You’re hired” ! I learnt about payables and receivables and stayed there for 5 years, only resigning when my husband got a really good job offer and we had to move to Calgary.

I was a stay at home Mum for the 2 years we were living in Calgary, but I did lots of volunteer work at the kids school. In 1982 the bottom dropped out of the oil industry and my husband lost his job. We posted resumes all throughout Canada with no response. My husband’s father was born in the US so we asked him to sponsor us to live and work in the US. We moved down to Littleton, Colorado in 1982 until another job transfer in 1989. I worked for a company called Molitor Industries where I estimated atmospherically controlled glove boxes for Monsanto, then worked for Alberici/Denver for the last 5 years of living there. I loved working for Alberici which was a subdivision for Alberici Construction in St. Louis. The people there were great, I worked in the accounts payable department there and just before the company folded I moved to working for the vice president working on estimates.

By this time my marriage was not doing great but it is till death do us part, so when my husband got another job in South Carolina we needed to move. My son was in the 12th grade and I really didn’t want to move him at this time, so we decided for me to stay behind to get the house sold and our son to finish high school. At the end of the school year, with the house sold we moved to Greenville, South Carolina. It didn’t take me long to realize that that had been a bad move and we needed to get out of there as soon as possible. My husband used to take engine parts out of my car to disable it so I could not leave without him knowing – then in the morning he put them back in so I could get to work. One morning after he went to work, I told the kids we were leaving, to pack up what they wanted and wait for me while I got a Uhaul trailer. After getting a hitch on my car and the trailer I got the kids and we loaded up the trailer to move. With 2 kids, a dog, a hamster and $500.00 we took off before we were found out. Not long after we left my brakes failed. I had that $500 to last the whole trip and the garage estimate was for $200. I told them I had no more than that, not a penny more, they said fine, and when the job was done they wanted $350. I paid them the agreed $200 only, and got out of town, fearful we might be seen.

When we got to Chicago, my son Stacy was driving and wanted to take the ring road but I’d always wanted to see Chicago and said surely the Interstate will be easy enough… well it suddenly ended in a concrete wall. And we were in Chinatown and there were men in long heavy coats – it was July! – and I think they were concealing shotguns. We tried detouring around, under those overhead highways you see in movies, getting into the red lights district with all the skimpily clad women – but kept ending up at the same set of lights – and finally when we were out of there we were held up by a line of floats parked ready for a big parade, it was the end of August. My son said he would never, ever, listen to me again! To this day we still talk about that experience in fond memory.

I only wanted to live in Edmonton for a couple of years. I stayed with my middle sister and scraped by. I went to the Government department for help with my 2 children, 17 and 14, as proof, told them we needed some help with finances and they gave me a cheque. Stacy said: “What a country! You walk in, tell them you need money – and they give it to you!”   One and a half months later we were woken up by gunshots and we decided to move.   It was difficult because of having a dog, but we ended up in a four-plex where I met Candy who became my best friend. I had lost my job and she used to knock on my door and say she’d made too much chilli and hand over a huge bowl full.

She took me to Costco and we filled two carts and she paid for it all. She was a masseuse – I didn’t understand what she really did  – but I said maybe I could do that too! But she told me it wasn’t right for me. She moved to Greece and we’ve completely lost touch, which is a great shame.

We’ve learnt from Ross’ VIP interview of last month how you and Ross met, but you’ve something to add to that. 

Ross asked me to marry him on that first day but I said no. So every day or every few days for 3 years he asked and I said “No, not today.” On and on. Then we were out at the lake one day and he asked and I said: “Sure!” But he kept on walking – he hadn’t been listening !

Fast forwarding and your move to Mexico. After your trial run with the motorhome did you come straight down?

No ! We left Edmonton on 02 July 2009 and got as far as Idaho when Ross said he’d never seen the Fourth of July fireworks, so we stopped and watched – and standing in the crowds right behind us was one of his ex co workers!! In the morning when we went to continue our trip, the slide out of our motorhome wouldn’t go back in.  The campground called in a guy who said the motor had gone so he had to rebuild it, that took a couple of days. Then when we were driving from Salt Lake to Vegas, I was driving behind, we had walkie talkies and I called Ross as I could see the awning on the RV seemed to be moving – he stopped and checked and said it was ok. An hour later it ripped right off. We put in an insurance claim and that was a week waiting for its replacement – but we were in Vegas! And when the replacement arrived, they had upgraded it to a power awning!

You’d already bought your house so that was exciting driving up to it.

Actually, when we got to our neighbourhood we couldn’t find the house – it took us probably 10 minutes of driving around before we found it ! And then it took us three weeks to unload – it was so hot! We’d look at it for a while and say, ok we’ve got to do this – but it was so hot all we could manage was like one item at a time and then we had to sit down again!

You had previously got your FM3 in Calgary and made out a list of the possessions you were bringing down with you.

Yes, that list included all his music gear, three sets of drums, the BBQ, all my kitchen stuff – and all our memorabilia. We’d had the paperwork stamped ok – but nobody told us that we had to report to someone within a month of arrival to let Immigration know that we were here! Fortunately when we did so, we were not fined.

Have your kids visited you here?

 My son has not, he thinks Mexico is dangerous. He wanted us to retire to Costa Rica, his second wife is from there. They live in South Carolina. Pamela has been here a couple of times, she has travelled a lot. She understands that I don’t like the cold.

Any grandchildren?

A granddaughter, Alexys, from my daughter Pam and Jordan; from Stacy’s first marriage and two more girls from his current marriage, Camilla and Melanie.

What are your personal interests or hobbies?

Reading, crocheting, cross stitch and music. I love being on the water, we had to get rid of our boat before we moved down. I love the outdoors and of course all my babies (my cats and dogs).

How good is your Spanish?

I find it hard enough to string a sentence together in English ! But I do practice words so that I can, for example, order the gas, and get by.

Looking back, anything you wished you had known about or anything you would have changed?

When we first looked around we visited Nuevo and thought it could be any place, anywhere – it was too perfect. But now we are here we appreciate how well maintained it is all kept, there’s so much less dirt and dust, and no trash. And as I have COPD which is a form of asthma, living in Bucerias can be pretty challenging.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

 You know, it ‘s funny, when asked about your life in an interview you think of the outstanding parts of your life, you know, the monumental parts that define you. But it is really the little moments that make you who you are!

Thank you Kim !




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