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September 2012 News from the Biblioteca Rey Nayar

///September 2012 News from the Biblioteca Rey Nayar

September 2012 News from the Biblioteca Rey Nayar

Dear Friends and Members,

Summer is coming to a close, school has started and we have just celebrated Mexico’s Independence, I thought that this was a good time to let you know how our summer went and to give you some advance notice of upcoming plans and events.


Our summer program was a great success.  We sponsored an enrichment program in math and science along with the local public school. The school provided teachers and materials and we provided the venue.  It was very well attended with at least 60 children attending every day for 3 weeks from 8am to 12. By sponsoring this program we gained a lot of exposure in the community and made some new friends for the library. Our own afternoon English workshops were also very well attended, 422  children visited the library between July 9 (the first day of summer vacation) and August 20 when school began.


Dr. Jorge Guevara’s clinics on Saturday’s at the library were very well attended. He offered a Rabies shot and a dose of ante parasite medicine for only $25 pesos. He treated 70 dogs and 4 cats. The clinics will continue throughout the winter season.


We received several generous donations from friends and members of the library. We have 35 new books for children in Spanish and a cash donation of $300 Canadian dollars to buy more books. Our friend Eduardo Miranda (the computer guy) arranged to have a computer center built and installed for us. It has a place for 4 PC’s but at the moment we have only 2.



The Calendars are ready! If you would like to order one (or more) of our annual calendars it is available NOW for $180pesos each. Barry Munro and Jeanne Thomsen have agreed to spearhead this important fund raiser for the library. If you want to order please contact them at [email protected].   They will be happy to set aside as many as you need and you can pick them up and pay for them when you arrive back in Bucerias.


Do you have some earrings laying in your jewelry box that you have lost one of the pair? A broken necklace?  A bracelet an ex gave you that you will never wear again? If it is made of gold or silver PUT IT IN A BAG AND BRING IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU COME THIS WINTER. We are going to gather as much broken, but still valuable jewelry, as we can over the winter and then sell it to raise money for operating expenses at the library. Pass the word!! Dig around at garage sales! If you have jewelry to donate please contact me, Sue, at [email protected]


Ruben has done a wonderful job this summer! It was due to his contacts that we were able to sponsor the Enrichment program in Math and Science. Kids love him!! He has rearranged the library to make the space more useful. It looks a lot bigger now. He attended a 3 day workshop in Tepic from Sept 18 to September 20 to learn how to use the computer based cataloging system that we will be using in the library. He has organized a check in/out system with photo ID library cards. Ruben’s work at the public school has laid the ground work for us to have better communication with the local public school. He has already gone to visit with the teachers and pass out brochures to the students. The library will be sponsoring an open house/lunch at the end of the month just for teachers from the local schools. He taught the English activity based program for children under 10 all summer as well as the more formal English course for kids over 10 years old. Ruben has attended Board meetings and his input has been very valuable.


The Board of Directors has met 3 times over the summer and has made great progress toward the future of the Library. They have organized 4 committees that will be chaired by one or two board members. Each committee is designed to tackle tasks on a variety of fronts to help move the library forward but they cannot do all the work alone. WE NEED HELP! If you are coming down, even just for a month or two and even if you do not speak Spanish, there are things that you can do to help. Please review the four committees  and their assigned tasks. If you would like to help, contact by email any one of the chairpersons…………

Maintenance    Chairpersons: Jeanne Thomsen and Barry Munro [email protected]


  • Paint the building inside and out
  • Reseal the roof for next rainy season
  • Lay concrete in the backyard and part of the front yard
  • Install shade structure over the backyard
  • Install a new front door
  • Install shelving in the store room

Fund Raising from Private Sources          Chairpersons: Gabriela Ulloa [email protected]

                                                                    Dee Durkot [email protected]

Tasks: Organize fund raising events such as concerts, bazaars, raffles, and book sales. Create new fund raising ideas.

Legal and Government Relations   Chairpersons:  Manuel Venegas [email protected]

                                                         Dr. Jorge Guevara Aguilar [email protected]


  • Obtain a legal nonprofit status in Mexico
  • Obtain a legal nonprofit status in Canada or the USA
  • Seek funding from Municipal, State and National sources
  • Pursue funding from the Network of Libraries of Nayarit

Public Relations and Internal Organization    Chairpersons: Sue Usry  [email protected]

                                                                            Ruben Ramirez [email protected]


  • Sell Memberships
  •  Catalog the books in the Library using a computer based system
  • Represent the Library to community organizations i.e. Amigos de Bucerias, The Rotary Club etc.
  • Promote the Library at Community Events
  • Establish an outreach program with the local schools
  • Seek sources and sponsors for culturally based activities in the library
  • Seek volunteers to work in the library and provide activities for the children


If you are already here or are coming down please keep in mind that we have a few things we could really use…new or used

A DVD player (ours died).     Computer parts i.e. CPU units, monitors, mice, cables Eduardo can build use good, fast PC’s from parts for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Books, Books, Books, in Spanish for kids ages 5 to 12. Table games that are not language based i.e. Chutes and Ladders, Parcheesi, Checkers, Chess (you get the idea). Craft Supplies any and all kinds.

Those of us who have been here all summer are looking for the heat to break in the next month and then we will start to watch the horizon, eagerly waiting for you all to return to this paradise we share.

See you all soon and Thank you for your continued support of the Library.

Sincerely, Sue Usry,  Director

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