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Whale Watching – Best Ever !

///Whale Watching – Best Ever !

Whale Watching – Best Ever !

Whale watchingTOTAL raised on the whale watching fund raiser on 04 February 2015 was:
$68, 850 peso! Yeah! Our raffle KING Gary did a fantastic job again! He alone raised $30, 300 peso on the raffle! GREAT JOB sweetheart! YOU are the master and we love ya!
The weather was excellent. Couldn’t have asked for a better day to go out on the bay. The Whales…well…let’s just say that in ALL of the year’s we’ve been doing this, as well as all of the times we’ve personally gone out on the bay, we have NEVER seen anything so spectacular. There were TWO whales breaching at the same time! It was phenomenal!!

We chartered a different boat this season again. Let’s just say that we’ve already scheduled them for next year. The food was excellent, the service was awesome, and there was so much room on this boat that we WERE dancing! The boat holds 300 people and we stopped selling tickets at 150. Next year, I believe we will sell 180 tickets as there was so much room on the boat, it looked empty! haha.

Thanks so much to all of the wonderful volunteers who have helped us so much this season. Maureen and Dave were INVALUABLE this year. You did just an excellent job on the raffle prizes. Gary…well, you are the BEST! You consistently show me how I want to be when I grow up! Christie and Gillian thanks so much for the help with the bus! It’s awesome to know that you both are willing to get the bus people together. John was our terrific MC…you are great! I’m so happy that you are willing to talk on the mike. Emalee you are such a loving baby girl. Thanks so much for taking all of the photo’s yesterday. See JOMFB on Facebook. Thanks to Glenn and Emalee for helping with the raffle draws. Made it so much easier for our raffle king Gary. Jordan and Xavier (Jd Tours) NONE OF THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING WITHOUT YOU BOTH! Thanks so much for everything you do with this event AND donating ALL of your commissions to the food bank. You guys ROCK!!!
Needless to say, if you missed out on this year’s whale watching adventure, you really did miss the BEST one yet! Hopefully next year, the whales will take my ‘bribe’ again, and put on as great of a show!
Thanks so much to everyone for supporting this fund raiser. Without you all, this wouldn’t be as much of a success as it is.
See you all next season on MONDAY FEBRUARY 1ST 2016! Same place, same time, same boat!

Photo credit: Mandy Freeman

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