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Winter Season 2015 Update

Winter Season 2015 Update

Whale watchingAs another winter season is coming to an end, the “John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank” would like to take the time to thank EVERYONE who has supported the food bank this year. Without the support and encouragement you all have shown, the food bank would not be as successful as it is.

YoYo Mo’s Pizza and Sports bar continues to be our #1 supporter for 6 years straight. Glenn and Tanya go above and beyond anything we could have possibly hoped for. We are so happy that we are all part of the food bank team and hope this continues for many years to come. We could never thank them enough for all that they do.

Gary is our ‘raffle king’. He is always ready and willing to participate in ALL raffles we hold. We are so grateful that he is a big part of our team. Emalee and Gary were our ‘dream team’ this season. They broke the record for most funds raised in one day EVER at YoYo Mo’s during the Superbowl party. Great job guys! You two have helped to feed MANY people this year.

For the first time this season, we held a Chili Cook-off at A Broken Art, a despensa packaging day for Guaymuchil at the Drunken Duck, and a Beatles Tribute at the Drunken Duck. Thanks to Christie at A Broken Art as well as the volunteers for all the work they put into the Chili Cook-off event. It was so much fun. The despensa packaging at the Drunken Duck went fabulously! We had so many volunteers that all of the packaging for 100 despensas was completed in a little over ½ hour! Good job volunteers!! Thanks again to Glenn and Tanya for allowing us to host the Beatles Tribute at the Drunken Duck. I personally LOVED it and, I really hope we can do it again next year!! Thanks to Gary and Maureen for the help with the raffles we held during this event. You both are awesome!

We hosted the 4th annual Whale Watching fund raiser this season. We chartered a different boat this year and what a wonderful event it turned out to be!! We already booked the same boat for next season to take place on Monday February 1st. If you missed out on this season’s trip, you don’t want to miss out next year. There wasn’t a single negative comment about the boat we chartered. It was absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much to JD Tours, Jordan, and Xavier for everything they do to make this trip happen. They also donated ALL of their commission to the food bank for this event. What a terrific company and people!

Of course, it wouldn’t have been Christmas without our 2nd annual “Elves at YoYo Mo’s” day. We managed to bake and package enough cookies for ALL 300 despensas we hand out in December. AND with the help of the volunteer’s, it only took 1 hour! Extra special thanks goes to Gail for everything she does to make this project go smoothly. You rock! Thanks to everyone who also donated cookies for this project. It is awesome to live in a community that will help out the less fortunate.

IN ADDITION:  Emergency dispensas were taken to DIF for distribution to the needy affected by the River Ameca flooding in March.

Here are the numbers raised for this season:

YoYo Mo’s Pizza and Sports Bar: $94, 820
Whale watching fund raiser: $68, 850
Beatles Tribute: $44, 500
Chili Cook-off: $18, 740
Westjet flight and condo stay auction: $17, 600
Private donations: $5, 000

GRAND TOTAL: $249, 510

Once again, thanks so much to all of the people who volunteer, support, and encourage the food bank. It makes all the difference in the world to us! With the help of our community, we hope to continue providing food to the needy in Bucerias and the North Bay for many years to come.

Photo credit: Mandy Freeman

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