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The John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank is well known for its food distribution, and it would be impractical to bring down food supplies. But we are not just a food bank. ANY of the basics for living will be gratefully accepted and passed on with the minimum of delay to La Fuente church and the Tercera Edad seniors facility to be distributed to the most needy in Bucerias.

These items would include: gently used clothing and shoes and sandals for children and for adults, all ages and sizes; school supplies – nothing expensive, just the basics: pencils, crayons, erasers, rulers etc; blankets for the winter and umbrellas for the summer! Spectacles – prescription or just readers.   And if you have a piece of furniture that doesn’t match your new décor, or is in need of just minor repair – please don’t junk it, we’ll take that too.

The new DIF (Government) orphanage in Valle de Banderas would LOVE the donation of clothing. Their facility was recently opened with space for 188 children of all ages. Of course, clothing also goes to La Fuente church and Tercera Edad to be distributed to the needy in Bucerias as well. You can either let me know where you would like your donation to go, OR leave it to my discretion.

I recently purchased a USED suitcase at the Salvation Army Thrift store for $6CAD and filled it with used clothing. If you use one of your own suitcases, you would have to pay for it to get back home with you. Therefore, it’s easier to purchase a used one to bring down here and then just leave it here).

You can get ahold of me at: [email protected] OR cell phone 322 103 2828 OR Canadian phone 4033293616. Thanks from the John Ozzello Memorial Food Bank.




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