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MdA is a Mexican organization and by law has a Mexican board of directors but because mostly “gringos” raise the money we were asked to serve as a Steering Committee.  The people on our Steering Committee are: Walter Vink, Valiene Heckart, Nicole Youngquist, Jim Thoman, Karen McKenzie, Willlie Crownheart, Vero and myself, Anne Milling.  We have most of our fund raisers in Jan. and Feb.  In January we had a cocktail party and silent auction hosted by Del Canto Condo with Jean Quinn and Candace Cragg  coordinating the event.  That was followed by an invitation from Christy B to participate in the Taste of Bucerias Chalk Walk by holding a raffle with the grand prize of 1000 pesos donated by a friend of Christy’s.  In February we had an incredible Hamburger Fest hosted by Walter Vink and the Mango Trailer Park.  This was followed by our annual Rhythm n Rib extravaganza.  In addition to the major fund raisers we also were involved in several other activities where we
received financial support – one at the Taste of La Cruz and another at Los Arroyos Verdes with Luna Rumba.
With the proceeds of these events we were able to install solar energy from eSun at MdA.  We are in the process of adding another bath and dorm for our younger boys and we will be able to support the children through the summer and fall.  We have also added another lady to our morning staff since we now have over 30 children – several of them are not school age yet and require constant supervision.
Manos de Amor has their own PayPal account so contributions are not a problem.  Our web site is :
www.manosdeamor.com    If you would prefer to send a check you can contact any of the Steering Committee members, or you can also wire money directly into our Bancomer account.  Jim Thoman can provide the info for that.

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