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Bucerias Recycling Coming Back Soon!

///Bucerias Recycling Coming Back Soon!

Bucerias Recycling Coming Back Soon!

Amigos de Bucerias Full Recycling BinAt our membership meeting on 06 April, having talked about Peace no longer existing, there was an unanimous vote that we should take back the recycling program for Bucerias (only). A team has been formed. The majority of recycling baskets have been collected in, are being assessed for condition, and when we have new lonas (signs) the baskets will be put back out on the streets, hopefully in no more than 2 weeks time.

We are only a small team and we need YOUR help please. Specifically anyone with a pick up truck or with a vehicle that can tow our trailer, to give us a couple of hours of your time on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings. We need you the owner to drive your vehicle, and we need “riders” to accompany – they will put a black plastic sack over the basket, invert the basket, loosely tie the sack and put it in the trailer/truck. When we get back to our recycling yard, just undo the sack and empty the contents into the HUGE bags known as Jumbos. And that’s it! It’s as easy as that! NO sorting!

Some of you have already volunteered to help when you get back in the winter – thank you! But we really need help to keep this going during the summer as some of our small team will be away at different times. You showed that you want this recycling program to continue, you understand its value to the community and as our contribution to the environment – preventing all that plastic from being on the streets, on the beaches and in the ocean. You have already seen how much plastic is littering our town – or being wasted in the rubbish bins. We will also be looking for sponsors of baskets – whether business or private – and you can have your business/name on a basket.

Please: residents and visitors alike – support this project with your time, your assistance, and your money. Please respond to : [email protected]

In addition, we now have a team investigating taking back a spay and neuter programme in Bucerias, details will follow soon.

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