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A New Life For Sunny !

///A New Life For Sunny !

A New Life For Sunny !

Look alike winnerAs if they don’t have enough cats and dogs, Ross and Kim Cable just can’t say no when it comes to rescuing abandoned or injured animals.    A friend initially rescued the dog they named Sunny  having been hit by a car twice, and his broken leg fitted with a pin.  They took on Sunny, had him neutered, arranged his shots, teeth cleaning – what a makeover!  And nursed him back to health.  He became a bit of a star at the August Pets’ Picnic when he and Kim won the competition for Owner & Dog Look Alike!  Here’s his photo, see how cute he is?  Yes Kim is too!

On Sunday after a final check over with the SPCA, Sunny flew out of PV heading to a foster home in Edmonton – which is where Kim and Ross came from!    Ross sent him on his way with these words: “Hope you have a long and happy life Sunny and you’ll get used to that cold white stuff on the ground…or not!”

We have many other dogs and cats here needing to be rescued and  loved – but please don’t abandon them when you leave, please take them home with you. It’s a simple process, we will guide you through it.


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